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About what the regional press

writes the Russian regions protest than can
  About what the regional press
the Russian regions protest than can

From first day of bombardments in Yugoslavia practically in all regions of Russia pass protest actions, there is an active record of volunteers for sending in SRJU. According to the newspaper the Ural worker the first reaction to bombardments in Ekaterinburg has been fixed literally in some minutes after their beginning - in militia the call that in a building of consulate general of the USA the explosive is put has arrived. Fortunately, the information has appeared false. However some regions make the protest against NATO aggression by rather unexpected image.

the cousin of British queen Elizabeth prince Michael Kentsky became One of the first victims of the protest of Russia against the NATO policy on the Balkans. On March, 27th it should arrive to Vologda with fact-finding visit, and also on charity affairs (Michael Kentsky is the Russian representative of the British charitable organisation the Help to the Russian children ) . However governor of the region Vyacheslav Pozgalev has considered impossible to hold a reception to the high-ranking visitor from the United Kingdom when Great Britain among other countries of the NATO roughly breaks norms of international law the Vologda newspaper " has informed; Russian North . The missive with the notice has been sent the prince that visit is postponed. However, as the reasons named not only become complicated situation in the world but also flooding threat in area that experts of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have confirmed.
and the head of administration of the Arkhangelsk region Anatoly Efremov revolted inconsiderate behaviour of the NATO on March, 25th has interrupted area presentation in London and has left for Russia, the Arkhangelsk newspaper " writes; North Truth . The Arkhangelsk businessmen - participants of delegation have interrupted business negotiations with the British partners. However, the newspaper marks, the area will not suffer from - for fine gesture the governor as the presentation by this moment has practically ended (and, on responses, most advantageously).
General indignation has not bypassed also seaside militiamen who have declared freezing of mutual relations with colleagues from the USA in protest at bombardments of Yugoslavia. As the newspaper " informs; Vladivostok the regional Department of Internal Affairs intends to cancel planned for April in Vladivostok a joint seminar of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and the Ministry of Justice of the USA on struggle against drugs. In the telegramme directed to a management by the Ministry of Internal Affairs about it, it is told: Now, when planes of the NATO at the initiative of the USA dump thousand tons of bombs to sovereign slavic Yugoslavia, our honour and conscience do not allow to communicate with representatives of power structures of the state - an aggressor . Reaction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to this initiative while is unknown.
But wonderfully the Volgograd communists have reacted to an aggravation of the Balkan crisis. In connection with participation of Germany in aggression against Yugoslavia they have decided to postpone the opening of a cemetery of victims planned for May, 15th in days of the Great Patriotic War of German soldiers in village Rossoshki of the Volgograd region. As the local newspaper " marks; the Working tribune the special decision about it was accepted by the Volgograd regional thought where representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation make the majority. The agreement on building of a German cemetery in territory of the Volgograd region has been signed in 1992 at level of premieres - ministers of the Russian Federation and Germany. One it from conditions the construction opposite to a memorial cemetery to the Soviet soldiers is. But, writes the Working tribune even it has not softened communists.
condemning NATO actions, the Russian citizens sincerely sympathise with the Yugoslavian people to which are ready to assist and support. In many areas there is begun fund raising and the humanitarian help for injured bombardments. In particular, in Stavropol Territory pensioner Vasily Golushko has given on these purposes the monthly pension - the whole 500 roubles. Heads of the enterprises and the organisations of all patterns of ownership of Kursk have listed in help fund to the Yugoslavian people one-day earnings of all employees. And one of inhabitants of Kemerovo has expressed readiness gratuitously to lodge at itself one or even two families of refugees from Yugoslavia. As inform local mass-media, governor Aman Tuleyev has been touched and has thanked the fellow countryman by regional radio.
VICTOR - SMIRNOV, Ekaterinburg; PETER - MUKHIN, Vologda; ALLA - KHODYREV, Arkhangelsk; DENIS - DEMKIN, Vladivostok; BELIEF - SERENKO, Volgograd; EVGENIE - BAGAEV, Kemerovo