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One more legend

By Pushkin anniversary the Petersburg Big drama theatre of a name of Tovstonogova has let out One more legend Boris Godunov . To the well-known theatre epic scope has stuck, and public expected a genre of historical chronicles. However in scenic interpretation of Temura Chheidze, despite an abundance of characters, a star cast and monumentalism of scenography, the Pushkin tragedy sounds chamber product.
the axiomatic Pushkin people - what in the ending keeps silence, - is transformed by the director into unfortunate leisure gapers. Performance of Chheidze not about them, and about the person who has entered devil race for power. Power injustly found by Boris Godunov is treated in performance as a damnation which does not act in film even good resolves. Means at all do not justify the purpose - reminds spectators the well-known theatre. The treatment of Pushkin tragedy reminds Makbeta some years ago put by same Temurom Chheidze on the same scene.
the separate plot of performance is made by the monologues of Pimena perfectly read by the art director of theatre by Cyril Lavrovym. In general, actors perfectly execute the Pushkin text. Public applauds Big Drama Theatre stars, ballet or opera stars after party that in the middle of drama performance applying for gravity it seems strange. As it seems superfluous and the ending of Pushkin tragedy with Feodor and Xenia`s poisoning. The Russian history in it Boris Godunov it appears absolutely at anything.

Pushkin Pushkin about Pushkin
In A.S.Pushkin`s State museum on Prechistenka the exhibition " has opened; Pushkin and world culture . The State literary museum and other state meetings have taken part In its organisation the Hermitage, GMII of Pushkin.
Pushkin, the expert on the world literature, the critic, the translator, appears in a circle of great people of time. The portrait gallery is added by reproductions of products of the fine arts which, probably, Pushkin saw, be in the Hermitage or on a visit at the acquaintances - collectors of art of counts of Sheremetevyh and princes of Jusupovyh. It is a lot of place in an exposition it is taken away to books. Carefully picked up foreign editions precisely correspond to the bibliographic description of a foreign part of library of Pushkin. Here the world classics, the foreign periodical press, books on history and culture of the different countries, and also the first transfers of Pushkin products into foreign languages.
Pushkin`s autograph - a poem fragment " became an exhibition ornament; Conversation knigoprodavtsa with the poet from an album Golitsynoj, familiar Pushkin. On pages of this album the autographs were left also by other masters of world culture: Mickiewicz, Rossini, Balzac.

favourite actress Federiko Garsija Lorca
In Buenos Has died - Ajrese at the age of 90 years from a heart attack has died known actress Eve Franko de Irivarren. It was the favourite actress of the well-known Spanish playwright, the writer and poet Federiko Garsija Lorca. Born in an artistic family, Eve since the early childhood played theatre. At the age of 25 years she has got acquainted with Lorca, supervising then wandering university theatre La Barraka which was engaged in popularisation of the classical literature for the people. Lorca from the first meeting has been amazed not only beauty, but also young Eve Franko`s artistic talent. After specially for it the poet has written the well-known play Donna Rozita . To Lorca and Eve Franko`s joint creativity not suzhdena there was a long destiny: in 1935 Lorca, created the antifascist organisation, has been shot by order of the namesake of its favourite actress.
La Repubblica

Galerist speculated on feelings of believers
the New kind of a piracy the owner of a network of art galleries in Jerusalem has invented Ljusen Krajf. Krajfa and its two artists - associates accuse of infringement of copyrights of photographer Nejla Folberga, the author of a photo album world Synagogues . The indignant photographer (which pictures stand to $2 thousand), has declared polices: Pictures which are on sale in galleries Krajfa, - exact copies of my works. The same composition, the same point of view, illumination, colour - all the same .
And though Krajf asserts that its artists only were inspired photos of Folberga, the chance to get on a dock at it is, after all ready pictures with kinds of synagogues dexterous galerist managed to sell jealous believer on $6 thousand for a piece.
Jerusalem Post