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The explosive at retail and by the gross

is on sale in the Kaluga region
  the Explosive at retail and by the gross
is on sale in the Kaluga region

Employees of management on struggle against the organised crime of the Kaluga region in common with capital colleagues have detained two black pathfinders which throughout several years extracted an explosive and sold to its members of various criminal groupings. Behind the killing goods clients came to settlement Duminichi where trotyl could be got actually in unlimited quantity.

to Leave on the people extracting an explosive, it was possible to field investigators by means of the detained member of one of the Moscow criminal groupings. He has told that throughout several years pereprodaval large parties of trotyl and tola, arriving from the Kaluga region. Field investigators have found out that two unemployed from settlement Duminichi - three times offender Sergey Otsebrik and Yury Mazinkov extract an explosive. They spend the Most part of time in neighbouring woods where from mines and the shells which have remained since the Great Patriotic War, take a killing stuffing.
on a meeting with black pathfinders one of field investigators has gone. It having presented by a member solntsevskoj groupings, he has told that the large party of an explosive is urgently necessary to it. Kaluzhane without deliberating have agreed and have made an appointment next day in the settlement centre.
the buyer has arrived by the army truck GAS - 66 and in an agreed place began to wait sellers. Soon those have appeared in the end of street. Unexpectedly between them quarrel has flashed. Peasants have started to accuse each other of electrodetonator theft. In several metres from the truck squabble hardly has not outgrown in fight, and the disguised militiaman had to interfere. He has suggested peasants to get into the truck and faster to finish the transaction. Members of spetsnaz hiding there instantly have chained pathfinders in handcuffs. In the packages withdrawn from them there were more than 6 kg of the trotyl, two electrodetonators and ogneprovodnyj a cord.
on interrogation Mazinkov admitted that trades in extraction of an explosive from the early childhood. at first the goods from us took basically poachers - fish to suppress, serious clients " then have gone; - he has told.
local militiamen say that neighbouring woods teem with illegal pathfinders who detain in tens literally. With arrival of spring various patriotic clubs became more active also. Recently in local administration representatives of one of them have addressed for the permission to carrying out of excavation. The militia has checked up members of this organisation on the database and has found out that all of them were earlier sudimy.