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puts the Government on Rosgosstrakh

the Government puts on Rosgosstrakh

Yesterday vitse - prime minister Yury Masljukov has presented the first to collective Rosgosstrakh the new general director of the company Alexey Golovkova. The government lays hopes on it. If these hopes come true, Russia global repartition of the insurance market waits.

the Former monopolist - the insurer of the USSR - joint-stock company Rosgosstrakh - After a year after Vladislav Reznika`s resignation at last - that has received the new chief - the vice-president of budgetary committee of the Duma Alexey Golovkova. Yesterday to its collective represented the first vitse - the prime minister of the government Yury Masljukov. In its opinion, that fact that the company long time was in an ownerless kind - a great grief for the state . He considers that it is necessary to reorganise urgently system Rosgosstrakh and it accepts the scheme of the centralised submission and the centralised responsibility more. Therefore in the nearest two - three weeks it is necessary to develop the general layout of actions on company development.
behind these general words there is quite certain calculation of the cabinet: having refused privatisation Rosgosstrakh the authorities want to make of the company similarity the Savings Bank in insurance business. In comparison with banks into which people today a kalatch you will not entice, the insurance company has a serious advantage: by means of obligatory kinds of insurance it is possible to force to leave the population money. And only on the authorities will depend, where and on what conditions this money to invest. The resource is huge: by different estimations, on hands the population now has $40 - 80 billion
that Rosgosstrakh such destiny waits, Golovkov has indirectly confirmed also, having noticed that the company needs to be made in the lead structure in the Russian insurance, ready to incur the same responsibility in the insurance market as has made it the Savings Bank within the limits of bank system. Besides, he has noticed that Rosgosstrakh should become the strategic partner of the state and be guided by the decision of the problems put by the government.
However for realisation of this idea it are required to the government, in - the first, laws, and in - the second - money.
the first step is already made: in the Duma the bill of features of the order by actions " is introduced; Rosgosstrakh . According to it of 50 % plus two actions remain in the federal property, and 25 % are transferred to subjects of federation of proportionally population. Thus specially makes a reservation that the federal share in an authorised capital stock at additional issue of actions is not subject to change. This doubtful from the point of view of the right norm for certain will get Duma support - the most simple and well-known way to withdraw the company from - under state control just additional issue.
Besides, this law the government wants to solve a financial problem: almost to all affiliated companies Rosgosstrakh the authorised capital stock increase is necessary, on what is required not one tens millions roubles. According to the project system Rosgosstrakh from holding turns to the uniform open joint-stock company which authorised capital stock quite meets standard requirements.
but the main problem - system modernisations Rosgosstrakh on which very big money is required, - any law will not solve, and own means for it at the company are not present. Quite probably that for the purpose of a rating Rosgosstrakh money the government will return to old idea - to transfer of a state company of a monopoly to carry out certain kinds of the state and obligatory insurance. If it occurs, the insurance market waits serious repartition which it will be inevitable to be accompanied by the wars similar to the bank.