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Today, on April, 1st, 65 years to the president Russian television akad
Today, on April, 1st, 65 years to the president of the Russian television academy to TV reporter Vladimir Pozner
Pozner are executed was born in Paris, secondary education has received in New York, in 1958 has ended biological faculty of the Moscow State University, in 1961 - 1970 works as the editor in NPA, since 1970 - on television; was the leader of programs Sunday evening with V.Pozner a circle Quadrature ; in 1991 leaves Gosteleradio, in 1991 - 1994 works on the American television, in 1994 comes back to the Russian television, conducts author`s programs We If... the Person in a mask ; since 1994 is the president of the Russian teleacademy.
Happy birthday Vladimir Pozner is congratulated by the general director of a broadcasting company of NTV Oleg Dobrodeyev:
- to Very few TV reporters the place in the history is prepared. Your space bridges, the first on domestic television, were not simply event, they have not simply become history of our and American television is there was a present break. It was unforgettable event for all of us and became an original sign on changes.
I give to due your highest professionalism, rare for television of sincere, human intonation and to your aspiration always to tell truth.
I know you almost whole life - are familiar more than ten years, but in our country, moreover and on television, it is possible to consider year at least for three. So we are familiar very much for a long time. And all these years it is pleasant to me to meet you because you the person of rare charm and possess qualities which I very much appreciate in people, - intelligence, softness, self-respect and, along with it, insuperable backbone when that is demanded by circumstance.
Vladimir Vladimirovich, you by right the teacher of several generations of the Russian TV men. I wish you happy birthday not only from myself personally, but also on behalf of numerous your colleagues.

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