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The astrological forecast

Thursday, on April, 1st
  the Astrological forecast
Thursday, on April, 1st

Today not only day of fools, but also day of hard workers. More all this Thursday has to fruitful, places even to wearisome work. Day promises successes in the affairs connected with the exact sciences, mechanical engineering and electronic technics.
fine time for petty and meticulous (in the finest sense of the word) people. The more scrupulously you will approach to a solution of a problem, the it is more than chances to resolve it is successful. Pay attention to any subtlety in work and then you on Thursday will not have in general any problems.
today it makes sense to pay attention less to current affairs and more to think of the future fulfilments. Realisation of your ideas and ideas will get support in the near future. Time for negotiating, the conclusions of preliminary arrangements.
in addition today - hazardous day. The small share of risk in affairs will not damage. However it is not necessary to be fond of this business.
evening - excellent time for intimate meetings. You will find new positive lines in a subject of your passion, and even withering relations are capable to blossom today again.
ARIESES day will force to reflect on advancement forward in professional sphere. You will manage to make hit before the boss. It is necessary to dare at the offer of the person of an opposite sex which gives for a long time you attention signs.
TAURUSES will receive news from apart. Day successful and profitable. However, directly since morning on you working problems will pull hard. Hasten to be in time all. You become closer to the end of day steadfast object of attention of all collective.
TWINS can sign important contracts safely. All develops well both in work and in private life. However, it is not necessary to pay attention to whims of envious contenders and women. Evening devote to quiet rest.
CANCERS can realise the plans with support of women. Put before itself a clear aim and persistently go to its achievement. Results will be already appreciable within the next few days. In the end of day it is possible to sign contracts safely.
LIONS do not need to spend money. This day is better to devote to performance of current affairs as your today`s plans most likely will be exigeant. Day is successful for study, trips and trade.
MAIDENS are waited by interesting acquaintance, most likely, the personal. It is not necessary to develop imminent conflict on work. Do not pay attention to envious persons and spitpoisons. Today it is better not to pass road to competitors.
SCALES will manage to satisfy the ambitions in affairs. Today you are in the attention centre, the heads notice you and welcome. Use the personal charm at an institution of new business acquaintances.
SCORPIONS will have a lot of a new work. Now it is a high time for it, as for a long time it is time to you to enter any innovations into the affairs. Today you will manage to spend reasonably money, therefore can not be afraid that buy an unnecessary thing.
it makes sense to SAGITTARIUSES to plan carefully day. Try to speak less today (especially with strangers and competitors). There is a probability that you will stir up data which another do not need to be known. If it nevertheless to happen, write off all on an April Fools` joke.
at CAPRICORNS successful time for study, personal and business acquaintances and foreign trips. In relations with relatives probably some pressure, but at present it will do you good. Today it is possible to risk.
AQUARIUS can find common language with foreign partners and conclude very favourable contract. But not so simply to gain trust of the chief. Try not to wound its self-esteem, do not attribute to itself too many merits.
FISHES should devote day to financial questions. Audit at office will not prevent even. The favorable period to start new affairs. However from risky decisions try to refrain.

Friday, on April, 2nd
Tomorrow Merkury ceases to be retrogradnym and becomes direktnym (that is, will move the same as also all decent planets). It is very good. However, tomorrow all the same the bad. The most unsuccessful time - to five o`clock in the evening.
Friday - in many respects the unpredictable day, some events do not come under to your influence. All goes at all how you would like. Is absolutely useless to plan this day - all the same it will go how to it will take in head.
On Friday problems with not finished affairs are possible - they is required to be finished urgently.
but in the evening we wait some pleasant events. For example, your financial affairs can improve, there are clear earlier not clear questions which concern your monetary receipts. The evening approaches for meetings with business partners.
personal problems are better for solving in first half of day (if there is an absolute must) as in the evening conditions on personal front will worsen.
ARIESES will be engaged in consideration of new offers.
TAURUSES are waited many by unessential meetings.
it is better to TWINS not to plan this day.
CANCERS should not accept sharp decisions.
at Lvov in difficulty business.
at MAIDENS second half of day is much better than the first.
at SCALES excellent time for public statements.
at SCORPIONS not all events develop in their advantage.
at SAGITTARIUSES easy day. But not the business.
it is better to CAPRICORNS not to be engaged in global plans.
AQUARIUS is dissatisfied with themselves.
FISHES should face own lacks.