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Lukashenko disperses competitors

One — in prison, others — in emigration
  Lukashenko disperses competitors
One - in prison, others - in emigration

Yesterday the Central Electoral Commission not recognised as the Belarus authorities has spent registration of candidates in presidents. However candidate certificates have been handed over not personally to candidates, and their authorised representatives. The matter is that the day before one of candidates - eks - prime minister Michael Chigir has been detained on suspicion in fulfilment of plunders in especially large sizes . As to the second - the leader of the Belarus popular front Zenona Poznyak, it in emigration.

Presidential election in Belarus has been appointed to May, 16th, 1999 still by the Supreme body dispersed in 1996. Initiators of elections refer to the republic constitution according to which Lukashenko`s powers expire on July, 20th this year, and also appeal to opinion of the world community: OSCE of results of a referendum of the 1996 which has prolonged powers of Lukashenko till 2001, did not recognise.
first official Minsk simply ignored actions not recognised TSIKa. However activity of the commission and candidates has forced Lukashenko to pass in counterattack. In the beginning of March chairman TSIKa Victor Gonchar has been subjected to administrative arrest. Simultaneously the State Office of Public Prosecutor has brought against its criminal case upon misappropriation of office powers. Approximately then Lukashenko has accused Chigirja of squandering of national money: Pier, that in stay by chairman of the board Belagroprombanka has given out to different commercial structures of $15 million credits which are not returned till now. CHigir, naturally, all denied.
now the authorities from words have passed to resolute actions. On Tuesday morning the selective staff of Chigirja was is taken in a siege by people in the civilian. They have torn off a telephone line at an entrance and have demanded immediately to open a door - ostensibly to hand over Chigirju the summons in militia. To rush into office it the journalists who have arrived to a staff and representatives of a consultative group of OSCE have prevented. CHigir has given short a press - conference: he has declared that the authorities want to arrest its and other leaders of opposition as Lukashenko in panic is afraid of elections. After that eks - the prime minister has left the a staff - apartment. In second half of day he has been detained in the centre of Minsk. Within the next few days accusation should be brought to it and the preventive punishment is selected.
As has informed yesterday on a press - conferences wife Chigirja Julia, arrest of her husband was initiated by the chairman of KGB of Belarus Vladimir Matskevich. Chigir refuses to give evidences, and his wife has promised to publish the financial documents compromising with Lukashenko.
simultaneously the authorities have begun prosecution of other figures of opposition. As the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Yury Zaharenko, " has declared; the consequence tries to untwist not which business of business concern which structure of a management included children of the leader of one of opposition parties of republic of Stanislav Bogdankevicha .
In these conditions elections turn to purely propaganda action. And though yesterday the opposition has spent official ceremony of registration of applicants to which foreign diplomats have been invited, Lukashenko can sleep easily at least as early as two years.