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“ Red Vingz “ the Head of National reserve corporation Alexander Lebedev will fly up for the state account

has found new arguments for the state which have frozen the transaction under the repayment at the businessman of a share in the leasing company “ Ilyushin Finans Ko. “. Mister Lebedev promises to spend the received money for purchase of 44 planes They be 204 for the airline “ Red Vingz “ having supported thus the Russian aviation industry and the North Caucasus where it is ready to transfer a carrier. Thus the businessman wants to receive not only money from the state, but also an essential discount to floor price of planes as which participants of the market consider unrealistic.
on hand “ “ there was a letter of the head of board of directors of National reserve corporation (NRK) Alexander Lebedev to prime minister Vladimir Putin from September, 27th. An essence of the letter that the businessman asks the prime minister all - taki to realise the transaction under the repayment the WEB OHM of 28,5 % of actions of Open Society “ Ilyushin Finans Ko. “ the decision about which was accepted in January, but the Ministry of Economics is blocked. Mister Lebedev has refused to specify “ “ a sum of transaction, having referred that for it it “ neprintsipialnyj “ but has noticed that half a year back Ernst &Young estimated IFK in 24 mlrd rbl., that is package NRK - in 7,4 mlrd rbl.

Now Alexander Lebedev has found new arguments in favour of the transaction, promising to enclose received from veba means in the Russian aviation industry, namely to buy 44 planes That is 204ΡΜ for airline “ Red Vingz “ (it is under control NRK) which already maintains such eight planes. In IFK have confirmed that carry on negotiations for sale They be 204 “ Red Vingz “. Planes are necessary to last for “ expansions of its activity both in a charter segment, and in a segment of regular aviatransportations “ it is told in the letter. Moreover, Alexander Lebedev suggests to make “ Red Vingz “ Base airline of the airport Minvody (now is based in Moscow) and to create there a hub to develop an aircraft service in the North Caucasus. In August with similar idea the minister of transport Igor Levitin, but in the relation " acted; Kavminvodyavia “ which should be transferred “ to Aeroflot “.

Besides, according to Alexander Lebedev, the large serial order would allow to keep That program being on the verge of closing - 204 and to load capacities Ulyanovsk “ Aviastar - the joint venture “ (enters into Incorporated aviabuilding corporation, OAK). After in the summer “ Atlant - the Union “ has refused to sign the firm contract on delivery 15 They be 204, the factory has actually appeared under the threat of closing.

however sale to the share state in IFK - not Alexander Lebedev`s only stipulation. He is ready to buy They be 204, only if one plane costs 700 - 750 million rbl. that, according to the source “ “ In OAK, below floor price of 180 million rbl. mister Lebedev is assured that “ as soon as suppliers will understand that it is a question of the serial order, they can find possibility for maintenance of the required price “. A source “ “ in aviation industry doubts it, noticing that so low price will be possible only under a condition granting of state grants for release of planes. However even at the price requested by mister Lebedev an order total sum (30,8 - 33 mlrd rbl.) There will be several times more estimations of package IFK.

According to the head of analytical service of agency “ Aviaport “ Oleg Panteleeva, having ordered and having received such lot of airplanes, “ Red Vingz “ can occupy strong position in a segment of charter transportations, but for regional They be 204 to use inefficiently. The new serial order can make more compliant and other potential buyers They be 204, in particular Iran and Syria with which negotiations on deliveries of these planes are now carried on. Agency head Infomost Boris Rybak notices that Alexander Lebedev`s desire to help the airline looks natural whereas passive position OAK to which customers are necessary, looks strange.