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Rent has gone to growth

In the Petersburg market of inhabited rent during a summer season moving of demand of tenants from the cheapest variants in a segment of apartments with higher consumer characteristics was observed. Participants of the market say that the rent market on - former remains malotsivilizovannym, and in the near future to speak about any motions in this question it is not necessary. Meanwhile putting in order in the legal issues, concerning habitation delivery vnaem, can affect and the prices for the apartments got in the property.
in spite of the fact that as a whole has remained crisis the tendency to joint rent of habitation by friends and relatives, now it becomes not so much with a view of the maximum economy, how many to optimise expenses for apartment rent in a good condition, - the head of department of rent of inhabited real estate of ARIN Tatyana Bolboshenko ascertains. - Apartments with low consumer characteristics have ceased to be in demand. Before owners of such habitation now there is a choice - either to reduce the price, or to make repair, to equip apartment with home appliances, to hand over it on srednerynochnoj to the price .

According to ARINA`S data, in comparison with the beginning of year during the summer period demand for habitation rent has grown not less than on 40 %. There was an interest to objects business - a class and elite real estate as in a city ex-stalemates from other regions of the country and from - for a boundary come back. in a segment of elite habitation there was a situation when the offer in the market does not correspond to the inquiries shown by tenants to habitation of a similar class, - Tatyana Bolboshenko marks. - If earlier the apartment site now on the first place there is a safety level, parking presence, an internal hardware was the defining factor. The choice will be more likely made in favour of a new building on Moskovsky prospectus, instead of lordly apartment on Sink quay .

In comparison with summer of last year insignificant growth of rent rates - within 10 % is fixed. According to ARINAS, summer of 2010 cost of rent of one-room apartment has on the average made 16 - 17 thousand rbl. a month, two-room - 22 - 24 thousand rbl. a month, and three-room - 27 - 28 thousand rbl. a month. The average rent rate on rooms was at level 8 - 10 thousand rbl. a month.

during a summer season of 2010 at tenants the Moscow, Vyborg, Neva, Seaside and Kalininsky areas used the greatest popularity.

according to experts ARINAS, process of stabilisation of the market is now observed. Autumn - winter - time of traditional recession of activity, so, and decrease in rent rates on habitation. Now some agiotage caused by arrival of students is observed, it will last approximately prior to the beginning of October, then there will come the period of calm with fall of cost of rent approximately on 10 - 12 %.

Special mentality
the Head of analytical department of Guild of managing directors and developers (BUZZING) Andrey Sokolov says that the volume of the market of rent of habitation in St.-Petersburg is almost identical from year to year. Those people who do not have money for its purchase in the property (except for temporarily living in the given district - students, workers and etc.) rent habitation basically .

Meanwhile the chairman of committee of the State Duma under the property Victor Pleskachevsky at forum ProEstate passing in Petersburg said that the market of rent of habitation remains out of a legal field. in the West the institute of rent of habitation is accurately regulated. The lease contract protects the rights of the tenant practically the same as the property contract and terminates the lease contract the proprietor without strong reasons cannot. It influences and on the prices for habitation which is got in the property - rent is quite comprehensible alternative to habitation in the property - the deputy speaks.

in Germany, for example, more than 50 percent of habitation - rented. People understand that can live in such house or apartment all life and anybody will not expel them, because this habitation is specially constructed for the purpose of its delivery in rent. And the prices for it are corrected by the market - in crisis, for example, they have fallen practically twice. The Russian market of rent of habitation still for a long time will not be civilised, after all the class of the investor in our country only arises - Sergey Shatunovsky speaks. The general director of the company Lenstrojzhilservis and UK the Bastion Neva .

He notices also that in Russia few professional players in the market of rent of habitation. In the West - in Europe, in America - there is a developed class of proprietors (physical persons, the organisations, funds) which are engaged in habitation delivery in rent on a long-term basis. our market for 80 percent consists of the apartments which have got casually from relatives, or formed as a result of reality situation change, and for 20 percent - from apartments which have been got with the investment purpose. All this habitation lease for short term under badly issued documents that does not give rise to trust neither to lessors, nor to the market as a whole. Also has put here not in the legislation, and in our mentality - the mister Shatunovsky summarises.

Veronica Surnina, the senior manager of department of rent of the company the Petersburg real estate also specifies that in the western countries there is a law about rieltorskoj activity in which mutual relations of all parties of process are accurately registered. western rieltory work under other scheme - the lessor comes to agency, concludes the contract and hands over the object in management to the manager. From this point on the lessor communicates only with the agent, and payments receives on the bank account. The tenant also deals only with the agent who solves all disputable situations which are without fail fixed in writing. And if the conflict cannot be settled negotiations - agents address in court, it is usual practice. Agents, as a rule, get the fixed wages. The lessor deducts to agency from a rent certain percent, and the tenant leaves to agency 2 - 3 mortgaging sums which receives at the rent termination if the property has remained in an appropriate kind. The Russian market of inhabited rent while is far from the western variant. In Russia each agency independently develops the lease contract. Professional reliable agencies never will throw the client and will help to resolve the conflict between the tenant and the lessor. However the contract consists only between the tenant and the lessor, and from the legal point of view the agency does not bear responsibility for its execution. Last three years the quantity of nonprofessional agencies which have even no own office has sharply increased. Considerably to change a situation probably only at legislative level - madam Surnina is assured.

Andrey Sokolov, however, doubts that with habitation rent it is possible as - that to correct a situation modification of the legislation: It is feature of the Russian mentality. People do not trust the power - today one game rules, tomorrow others. Therefore they consider that the apartment it is much more reliable, than rented .