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The unfortunate terrorist has received lifelong term

Court of New York has sentenced to lifelong imprisonment of the terrorist trying in May to arrange explosion on a central square of a city. We will remind, the citizen of the USA of the Pakistan origin of Fajsal Shahzad has driven on May, 1st the car with an improvised explosive device on Tajms - square, however a bomb has not worked.
such decision on business of Fajsala Shahzada was accepted on October, 5th by federal court of Manhattan. In June the terrorist has pled guilty on all to 10 points of charge. During the investigation Shahzad declared that worked alone and at own desire. He has been arrested on May, 4th at the airport of a name of John Kennedy at attempt to take off for Dubai.

we will remind, on May, 1st in the evening on Tajms - square it was revealed and the improvised explosive device in the jeep of Nissan Pathfinder parked on the area is neutralised. The police which has arrived into place has found out in the car some gas bags with the prosir, two canisters with gasoline, clockworks, wires and other elements of an explosive. Sappers managed to neutralise a bomb, but, according to the commissioner of police of New York of Reja Kelly if the car has not simply lighted up, and has blown up, Tajms - square would turn to fire column and the account of victims would go on hundreds.

according to the investigation, before Shahzad Fajsal for $1,3 thousand has got Nissan Pathfinder car in the State of Connecticut, has filled with its explosives and on May, 1st has parked on the area of Tajms - square. However for the unknown reasons the bomb has not worked. The public prosecutor of the USA Eric Holder declared that the terrorist operated under instructions and under direct control of the Pakistan Talibs.