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Minregionrazvitija will plough the country market

the Ministry of regional development has prepared the bill forbidding building of housing estates on the earths of agricultural appointment. Participants of the market are assured that if to it will be set in motion the market of country building will suffer more strongly, than during crisis. However, developers express hope that the bill will undergo essential updatings.
in a segment of the organised cottage settlements the question of building of summer residences on the agricultural purpose earths is rather actual. In 2006 - 2007 when in this market the agiotage was observed, the most simple and cheap way uzakonivanija buildings on the earths of the given category was change of a functional purpose from agricultural production on the earths intended for realisation of activity of country associations.

However already during that moment skilled lawyers, understanding developed contradictions in the legislation, warned developers that subsequently simplicity of the scheme and relative cheapness (for example, in comparison with schemes of inclusion of the earths in borders of settlements when the category of the earths changes) can lead to complications. Introduction of procedure of check of conformity of the design documentation to requirements of the town-planning plan for the country objects located in borders of settlements, - logic and expedient continuation of a current situation - Julia Nigul, the project head of the consulting centre " speaks; the Petersburg real estate .

At the moment the market of the organised cottage settlements has not the best times from the point of view of demand (and, hence, and receipts of monetary streams), and additional difficulties of a legal and financial order can force to curtail some players projects or at all to refuse plans on an exit in the given segment. We will see full understanding of action of the bill by 2015 - by the time of transition period end.

for today the earths intended for realisation of activity of country noncommercial partnership and gardening noncommercial associations, concerning a category of farmlands, are in large quantities presented in Vsevolozhsk, Vyborg, Lomonosovsky and others the most valuable from the point of view developmenta areas .

Pavel Sozinov, chairman of the board Severo - the Western chamber of real estate, says that the bill actually undermines building of houses ekonomklassa out of settlements. in scales of the country it can become the present problem. The scheme of actions for those who already lives in similar houses is not clear and will not have possibility to translate the habitation in other status. And that who now sells similar objects, it will be extremely difficult to make it. Considering these omissions, I think that the bill yet time will be corrected and be reconsidered - mister Sozinov argues.

the Most widespread segment
Meanwhile participants of the market specify that the agricultural purpose earths - practically the basic country an active which is today in a private property. The main land owner on - former there is a state. According to Joint-Stock Company evrosib - Development In the property of a great number legal and physical persons is all about 6 % of the earths of Leningrad region (less than 500 000 hectares). Other earth, hardly less than 8 million in hectare, is in the federal or municipal property (the earths of wood and water funds, the earths of a stock, the earth of the Ministry of Defence, etc.) . The legislation provides possibility of acquisition by citizens and legal bodies of the rights to the ground areas which are in the state or municipal property. However feature of this kind of the property is that is not executed now mezhevanie bolshej parts of the earths, that is exact borders and the areas of sites are unknown. Works on mezhevaniju are expensive, more often their performance assign to private investors and the developers interested in work in this or that area.

in a private property the agricultural purpose earths (about 90 %), on the second place on size of the areas - the earths of settlements (about 9 %), on the third - the industry earths (nearby 1 %) prevail.

From almost 500 000 hectares of the private earths more than 65 % are necessary on ground shares, the right on which in 90 - e years were received by workers of agricultural productions, but till now have not allocated them in nature, that is have not demarcated and have not issued on them the property right. This situation essentially complicates an earth effective utilisation.

in the property concrete physical and legal bodies there are a little more than 150 000 hectares, that is about 2 % of the area of Leningrad region. By the way, the area occupied with all cottage settlements for seasonal or constant residing, is in general at error level - about 3 000 hectares.

in the wholesale market on sale the agricultural purpose earths are offered basically. Their price was now reduced in times in comparison with level of 2008. Sites have sale prospect only is very interesting located and perspective from the point of view of leading of engineering communications. Proprietors of large sites practically always remain in the shadow. In the market their interests represent 10 - 15 agencies of real estate specialising on wholesale.

the spring has brought revival
According to ARINA`S data, on the end of September, 2010 in sale in Leningrad region there are 244 country complexes. Within III quarter 2010 in sale there were 13 new complexes. For January - September, 2010 on sale have appeared 69 new country complexes. Besides, in two complexes there were in sale new turns.

the basic volume of a conclusion of new projects has had on the first half of the year and has been connected with spring revival of the market and activization of builders. During the summer period activity of builders has a little decreased.

the country complexes which are on sale, include 20,7 thousand the inhabited objects intended for residing of one family, or 3,8 million in sq. m of habitation. The offer volume (not sold objects) makes 11,6 thousand of them Objects or 2,1 million in sq. m.

Following the results of nine months 2010 there was a decrease in the average price of square metre of home ownerships in a segment the house-keeper on 17 %. It speaks not only reduction of prices in existing country complexes (within 5 - 7 %), but also occurrence the market of new projects with extremely low price of square metre.

in a segment elite the average price of square metre has decreased on 12 %. In segments business and a premium there was an insignificant updating of the prices. The highest price of square metre in a segment a premium it is offered in cottage settlement Marini summer residences - from 230 thousand rbl. the High price speaks a favourable site of object - in Zelenogorske, in immediate proximity from coast of gulf of Finland. During the first half of the year 2010 the required price in the given settlement remained invariable. Average cost of country objects makes from 2,5 - 6 million rbl. in a class the house-keeper to over 30 million rbl. in a class a premium .

It is possible to predict that till the end of 2010 reduction of prices in projects with the unsuccessful concept on 5 - 20 percent will proceed, - the head of department of country real estate of ARIN Dmitry Eroskin considers. - the Indicator of reduction of prices will vary under each concrete project depending on what marketing policy was conducted by builders throughout all crisis period .