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The view from the window by request of the client

the Arrangement of object of real estate always remains the key factor influencing its cost. However all delicious places have appeared for a long time are disassembled. Now developers have attended not to search of a suitable place, and place creation round the objects. Participants of the market believe that the landscape design is capable to lift sales of habitation and to involve new buyers.
last week the CLAIM Okkervil near to metro station Street Dybenko has opened the park with the same name - the first in a city, specially created by the builder for inhabitants of the object (a housing estate New Okkervil ) .

Starting project realisation, we have paid attention at once to this place which, at all without being improved, was popular at inhabitants of the Neva area, - the assistant to the general director on marketing and sales tells the CLAIM Otdelstroj Larissa Okun. - in the winter here ski, in the summer - bathe in the river, sunbathe, walk in wood. The company has arranged well coastal territory the area of 10 hectares. The river channel has been cleared away and expanded, the beach is organised, 5 km of the asphalted bicycle and walking paths, two bridges through the river are constructed, street lanterns are established. In the spring 500 trees of different breeds here will be landed. After the huge amount of executed works which total cost has made 20 million roubles, it is not a shame to name this place the present park .

New Okkervil - With a view of housing construction according to which till 2016 850 000 sq. m of the habitation, four kindergartens on 800 places will be constructed, two schools on 2400 places, 50 000 sq. m vstroenno - the attached premises for the enterprises of sphere of service of the population and etc.

However while this experience it is possible to consider the project of complex development of territory unique. Many Petersburg developers approach to a question of landscape design very formally - gardening spend strictly within the limits of norms (10 % from the area in the centre and 23 % in dormitory areas) and without a design delicacy.

Vladimir Kopylov, a leading analyst of company Setl City, explains it two reasons: unwillingness to spend the area of the ground area allocated under building on greens instead of square metres and dearness of landscape design. for example, building of the most usual children`s playground will manage in hundred thousand roubles. The exception is made today by projects of complex development of territories. In all modern large housing projects the beautiful decision of landscape design is put. For example, in the project Seven capitals (developer Setl City) in a basis of landscape design will lay down system of channels and foot bridges - mister Kopylov marks.

however the majority of experts recognises that a delicacy of landscape design is capable to be very big competitive advantage to the buyer. Quite often builders use already available green zones for attraction of buyers - apartment houses with a kind on parks.

Ekaterina Gurtovaja, the director for marketing JUIT Lentek considers that while landscape projects it is more work so far as concerns low habitation: Today popularity of landscape design and floristics grows, but hardly it is possible to put these characteristics in the forefront if it is a question of mass habitation. Certainly, well-groomed adjoining territory, lawns with a cut grass or presence a dry stream (the stream is not filled by water, and laid out from a stone) will affect positively at a choice of habitation the buyer, but for many-storeyed complexes it is not especially important. The rating of landscape registration raises at least several times if to speak about low complexes. Moreover, similar characteristics are actual for a habitation category elitklassa - madam Gurtovaja is assured. If to speak about the importance of landscape design for the buyer for the mass consumer on - former on the first place leave: reliability of the builder, a site, cost of square metre, the transport availability, the developed infrastructure of area. Accordingly, the landscape design occupies one of last places in a rating - madam Gurtovaja continues.

Pavel Sozinov, chairman of the board Severo - the Western chamber of real estate, notices that in Petersburg today works about two hundred companies which are engaged in landscape design. the buyer of the house or a site in cottage settlement has a temptation most to solve, how to diversify surrounding landscape. In inhabited building in city boundaries of a similar choice is not present " more often; - mister Sozinov speaks.

Dmitry Karmanov, the director for company STEP marketing, also considers that the landscape design is justified on projects of a high price category. if we speak about objects of lower price frameworks and the more so ekonomklassa application of landscape design practically will never justify. Demand defines the offer - and there where the buyer tries to save on everything, it will be not ready to lay out superfluous copeck for creation and maintenance of landscape design. Construct in one place three identical houses ekonomklassa. Near to one create a beautiful garden with prudikom in Japanese style on which maintenance tenants monthly should lay out 100, 200 or 500 roubles plus to the rent. Near to the second house use the same area under free parking spaces. Near to the third - make instead of a garden a banal and cheap sandbox, pair of a swing and benches. And then begin sales. Apartments in the first house will be on sale in the latest turn. Therefore, if to speak about a rating of tools the landscape design is in an elite segment in the forefront, and the further we move aside ekonomklassa, the in the opinion of clients it will have the lesser importance, up to that becomes the factor reducing appeal of object of real estate - mister Karmanov is assured.

Sergey Stepanov, the sales manager of the company Building trust It is opposite confident that how the adjoining territory looks, the court yard is arranged how much well, whether there are near the house nurseries and athletic fields, becomes solving at apartment purchase. for the buyer important is in what environment its house. It is one of comfort components - it summarises.

Sergey Shatunovsky, the general director of the company Lenstrojzhilservis and UK the Bastion Neva nevertheless notices that importance of landscape design grows every year. earlier an accomplishment of apartment houses put on a stream, all was monotonous. Today and inhabitants began to make higher demands, and possibilities for unique registration of territories became more. All want to live in the comfortable and beautiful environment. After all pridomovaja territory - one of the most important things: the house begins with a court yard, and a view from the window - too a part of the life. Green lawns, flower beds, lanterns, small sculptural forms, shod peaks and fencings - all it creates mood, raises quality of life and, as consequence, the price for real estate. Especially in the centre - in historical court yard and foot zones a gold triangle - where the breath of fresh air and a pleasant view from the window " is especially necessary to people; - the mister Shatunovsky speaks.