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Ekonomklass a market steam locomotive

Following the results of almost three quarters 2010 it began possible to say that the primary market of habitation to the middle of 2010 was stabilised. Appreciable revival is observed in the mortgage lending market that is connected with decrease in the average mortgage rates, gradual growth of number of given out credits and start of new favourable mortgage programs. Today potential buyers inexpensive apartments of small metric area ekonomklassa interest. Participants of the market also mark resuscitation of projects on complex development of territories which have already started to influence the prices.
Olga Trosheva, a deputy head of the consulting centre the Petersburg real estate says that today the average price of the offer following the results of August, 2010 in a segment ekonomklassa (mass demand) has made 68,9 thousand rbl. for sq. m. offer Floor price in object Northern valley the companies Glavstroj SPb - 51,2 thousand rbl. for sq. m.

However the habitation price in these objects raises at apartment acquisition by instalments (depending on size of an initial payment and instalments term). The minimum average prices usually meet in objects where there were on sale illiquid apartments (the ground floors, bad specific characteristics) or in objects of the building companies experiencing some financial difficulties.

Ekaterina Gurtovaja, the director for marketing JUIT Lentek notices that following the results of August, 2010 the average prices of the offer in the primary market have undergone insignificant updating. for today the price of square metre of habitation in the primary market is in a condition of relative balance. Till the end of 2010 continuation of fluctuations within 1 - 3 percent " is predicted; - she believes.

For the period January - August, 2010 in sale it has been deduced 933,3 thousand in sq. m of habitation. For August, 2010 in sale left nine objects a total area of 197,31 thousand in sq. m. them in city line of 172,61 thousand in sq. m, in administratively subordinated areas - 24,7 thousand in sq. m.

To notable growth of the price (the same as and to its notable decrease) can produce only the reasons connected with change either macroeconomic, or political conditions.

the spirit changes
Natalia Tuzhilova, the assistant to the general director of Open Company Petrotrest - real estate thus says that the psychological spirit of the buyers changes, their financial possibilities became more essential - today many are ready to pay to 70 % of the first payment. She notices that the trust to builders is restored, became purchases of apartments in under construction houses at initial stages of building more and more; The mortgage market revives, banks began to offer more and more favourable conditions on crediting of under construction habitation.

on - former priority parametre at a choice of apartments is their price, and house type, etazhnost, presence of a balcony and other characteristics are minor. The choice of a site of the house depends on preference of the client, often new apartment select in the same area where live for today. But all as northern areas use the greatest demand: Seaside, Vyborg, Kalininsky.

the Offer reflects demand: basically today potential clients inexpensive apartments of small metric area ekonomklassa interest. Multiroom apartments began to be on sale more difficult in this connection builders have corrected the offers taking into account inquiries of buyers: the majority of large-sized apartments have been redesigned in two or three small - madam Tuzhilova speaks.

Within three quarters of current year of the price changed in connection with the various phenomena - seasonal fluctuations (for example, traditional recession in the beginning of year, March revival or decrease in activity during May holidays); an exit on the market of new objects, with the prices essentially more low, than on the average on the market; discounts and special offers of the companies - builders.

the summer period this year has especially caused a stir the abnormal heat, therefore the basic tendency of summer months there was a dependence of splash and decrease in interest of clients on weather conditions. On activity as buyers, and sellers environmental conditions influenced: all the July long participants of the market of real estate have spent in a condition of expectation of normal weather, since August temperature decrease promoted some rise in prices and volume of offers, with the further recession of a heat the habitation market began to become more active. However as a whole, despite of a current situation, demand remained stable and even in the summer of the price did not decrease. Instability of prices occurred slightly and basically in connection with spent builders the actions stimulating demand - madam Tuzhilova continues. She notices that with arrival of autumn the number of entering references that has led to increase in sales and, as consequence, rise in price of cost of square metre at 5 % on the most liquid apartments what studio apartments and one-room apartments are mainly has increased.

Sergey Stepanov, the sales manager of the company Building trust has told that monthly its company realises about hundred apartments is the planned indicator. in the near future we do not predict a rise in prices for real estate, but we plan growth of sales at the expense of increase in quantity of mortgage transactions and a conclusion to the market of new objects. In September, 2010 Building trust Has opened sales of apartments in three new housing estates: Admiral Nakhimov and the Golden section in St.-Petersburg and the Summer garden in Kaliningrad. Interest of buyers to new objects was designated at once. The offer is attractive first of all that is comfortable housing estates in safe microdistricts with the developed infrastructure. Complexes low, optimum on kvartirografii, with modern engineering a stuffing and the developed internal infrastructure. So, in a housing estate the Golden section in Kalininsky area in the street Zamshina already is now constructed new school with pool, kindergarten building is planned, provided separate mashino - a place in the covered built in parking on each apartment. It essentially other inhabitancy, higher level of comfort.

the Volume of the offer of inhabited real estate in the primary market of St.-Petersburg, according to ARINAS, makes 2 155 thousand in sq. m, or 31,6 thousand apartments. In comparison with I quarter 2010, there was a growth on 31 %, on comparison with II quarter 2009 - on 59 %.

the Exit on start
For last months in Northern capital is observed an exit on the market of new projects and, accordingly, increase in the offer of habitation at initial stages of building. Experts of the market ascertain that the crisis syndrome - acquisition of apartments only in almost completely constructed or already handed over houses - leaves in the past. on the first place there are such requirements to habitation as a convenient site, consumer characteristics, good transport availability, - the director of department of share building of ARIN Elena Amirov marks. - Not last role in a choice of the future habitation is played also by reputation of the company - the builder the market - those companies which have positively proved both before crisis, and in hard times, have no problems with attraction of buyers on the objects. And to clients it is not important - at what stage of building there is this or that house if they are assured that it will be anyway constructed and handed over. Besides, apartment acquisition at an initial stage of readiness, as well as before crisis, to favourably buyer: cost of apartment for complex building can differ on 12 - 29 percent .

According to Open Company Agency of development and researches in real estate most of all projects at an initial stage of building it is necessary on two polar a segment of the market of inhabited real estate: ekonomklass and elite. This indicator makes 59 and 42 % of the offer accordingly.

On sale there were 11 new objects a total area about 472 thousand in sq. m, and some more projects have declared the beginning of booking or the building beginning.

the new centres of influence
In the first half of the year 2010, according to participants of the market, increase of demand and growth of quantity of transactions have been noted. So, by estimations Colliers International, for the first half of the year 2010 in the primary market of Petersburg it has been sold an order of 830 thousand in sq. m of inhabited real estate that on 30 % it is more in comparison with the first half of the year 2009. The overwhelming majority of buyers traditionally interests first of all inexpensive the habitation that, as a rule, is connected with absence of possibility to get more expensive - the reason for it rather low level of salaries and the limited possibilities of mortgage lending. By estimations Colliers International, in the first half of the year 2010 of sale of habitation of mass demand have made 81 % from total amount of sales, class habitation comfort and business - 14 %, elite habitation - 5 %.

One more new tendency influencing the market, is an exit of projects of complex development of territories. At the expense of lower price of the offer these projects involve in themselves a part of consumer demand. In the sale first half of the year 2010 started in two projects - millionnikah: Northern valley (the developer - glavstroj SPb ) Seven capitals (the developer - Setl City).

the Considerable share of demand from northern areas has had on the project Northern valley . Opening sales in the end of April, 2010, the company has made one of the most inexpensive offers - the price of apartments at absolute payment - 47 400 rbl. for sq. m. From the moment of the beginning of sales of the price have raised to 49 900 rbl. for sq. m.

In the first half of the year 2010 in the primary market of St.-Petersburg has been sold 13,8 thousand apartments. 41,5 % in total amount of sales have occupied one-room apartments, 37,7 % - two-room, 20,2 % - three-room, the rest - multiroom apartments (4 and more rooms). If to track dynamics of the prices in the last two days more all during crisis have suffered a segment business . It is connected by that before crisis builders positioned habitation of this class as elite. With arrival of hard times the buyer became much more exacting and is exacting, that is why owners of unsuccessfully positioned housing estates have been compelled to go for serious concessions. As participants of the market, in certain cases tell falling of the prices for real estate in a segment business has made 40 - 50 %.

the Best stability was shown by the most mass segment. According to the consulting centre the Petersburg real estate in 2007 average cost of square metre in a class the house-keeper made 62,7 thousand rbl., in 2008 - m - 80 thousand rbl., in 2009 - 70,2 thousand rbl., following the results of six months 2010 cost of square metre in the house-keeper - a segment has made 69,5 thousand rbl.

the Market of elite habitation faster others is restored after crisis. Analysts speak about returning of the offer to level of 2008. Since spring of 2010 elite shows a rise in prices: for the first months 2010 - on 5 %.

the Most expensive disctrict of the city remains Central. Considerable changes of the prices from the crisis beginning have occurred in Krasnogvardejsky (falling on 19,32 %) and Vyborg (growth on 36. 33 %) areas. Transactions with attraction of mortgage loans on - former occupy nearby 7 - 10 % in the general structure of sales.