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Kaliningrad suits investors

In September association Building trust has opened the representation in Kaliningrad. The beginning of work of office is dated for start of sales of apartments in a housing estate the Summer garden - the first regional project of the company. Now, according to experts, the building market of Kaliningrad is gradually restored to life - even without the aid of popular programs in region for military men.
the general floor space of the house - more than 17 thousand in sq. m, an order of 1 thousand in sq. m office part occupies. In a complex the underground parking the area of 2 280 sq. m on which roof the domestic territory with children`s playgrounds, zones of rest for adults, flower beds and lawns will be equipped also is under construction. Today, at the moment of the beginning of sales of apartments, readiness of object makes more than 70 %.

Association Building trust has own office and two ground areas in Kaliningrad. The site area on crossing of Summer and Automobile streets makes 0,6 hectares. The second site, the area of 6 hectares, is located on border of Kaliningrad and area. Here erection of a low complex is planned. Also now the company considers building variants in the central part of a city.

without an overheat
the Situation in the market of inhabited real estate of Kaliningrad remained rather stable, especially in a segment of the secondary market. Unlike many other markets, the situation here was less peregretoj. Thus the volume of input of new habitation was formed at rather high level - analyst UK " speaks; finam Management Maxim Kljagin. Under its data, correction of the prices in Kaliningrad had moderate character and, unlike a considerable part of other regional markets, has not exceeded 10 - 15 % from pre-crisis level. Relative stability of the local market has been connected first of all with high level of solvent demand, characteristic for this enclave, economic growth different by strong indicators and business activity that promotes a high capital intensity of the market of real estate of area - the expert adds. As a result, as Maxim Kljagin marks, now in the market of Kaliningrad, as well as on the majority of other local markets, demand is gradually restored. the situation in the market of real estate of Kaliningrad is much better, than in Moscow. At us the prices which were before crisis have already returned. For example, before crisis at a building stage the one-room apartment in a city could be bought for 1,6 million rbl., then in crisis these prices have given to 1,2 million rbl., and have then returned to former level - the manager on work with clients SetlEstate Andrey Ustinov speaks.

However, to the primary market of Kaliningrad has carried less. According to participants of the market, to spring of 2008 in Kaliningrad remains all about two tens companies on which objects works proceeded. According to Andrey Ustinova, in 2008 - 2009 the market of real estate of Kaliningrad was in decline: about 80 % of the companies has gone bankrupt, building almost all large objects has been suspended. as a result builders who remained afloat, began to reduce a few the price, but basically began to give interest-free instalments, and also more loyally to concern buyers that was not slow to affect demand. As a result of the price have returned into place - the expert speaks.

thus demand for new buildings is formed only at the expense of ready cash. According to experts, the mortgage and did not become the popular tool at real estate purchase in region. a mortgage not so take, I will not remember a case when last time to us addressed the client on a mortgage. People are afraid to take credits from - for high interest rates, and banks not always give the credit even under good conditions - Andrey Ustinov speaks. In another way demand stimulations could serve military certificates which it is a lot of in the Kaliningrad market, however the certificate imposes a number of restrictions. In - the first, according to the law that the habitation could be bought under the certificate, it is necessary, that the object has been handed already over also it it was possible to issue at once in the property. Also repair presence is obligatory. It very much limits real estate purchase in the primary market of Kaliningrad, does its almost impossible more precisely. The matter is that gathered in Moscow force in crisis new old the tendency of delivery of apartments with furnish while has not reached Kaliningrad. In such situation termless instalments became one of ways of attraction of clients in the Kaliningrad market, as well as in other regions of Russia. In particular, according to Andrey Ustinova, in the Kaliningrad objects SetlEstate gave instalments for five years on purchase of one-room apartment by the area of 40 sq. m and cost of 1,2 million roubles, and such offer was popular. As a whole terms of transaction became more convenient for buyers, builders began to listen to clients.

light in the end of a tunnel
By calculations of the Kaliningrad authorities, habitation input in 2011 will increase in area on 26,6 % in comparison with the planned volume current year - to 950 thousand in sq. m. As a result on the average on one inhabitant of the Kaliningrad region it is supposed to enter 1 sq. m of habitation. However, for first five months 2010 habitation input has appeared smaller, than for the similar period of the last, crisis year. In total from January till May, 2010 in a city it has been constructed 170,6 thousand in sq. m of habitation that in comparison with indicators of 2009 makes only 86 %. However planned targets of input of habitation intend to reach, having finished the building suspended in crisis. With that end in view the local organisation Fund of housing and social building has concluded contracts with vosemju builders for the sum of 247 million rbl. about end of building of 11 houses on 812 apartments a total area of 49 thousand in sq. m. Besides fund searches for builders on completion of 11 more houses on 927 apartments a total area of 59 thousand in sq. m. Actually it is a question of use of the Moscow scheme of work with nedostrojshchikami when the regional authorities involve private business in end of not completed objects. now at us new objects are on sale many, the city extends basically for the account okrainnyh areas. Thus the real estate in Kaliningrad is bought by people from all Russia, especially from the country north, for example, from Murmansk and Surgut. Such buyers usually decide to move more close to the sea, but do not want to change sharply a climate and to go on the south, for example, to Krasnodar territory - Andrey Ustinov speaks. As he said, it is most actively built up Baltic - the Moscow area of Kaliningrad. Besides, participants of the market name area Selma where erect in the basic habitation for military men. as a result housing estates are under construction in large quantities, no essential recessions are present, as it was during crisis when people were afraid to buy something. Demand was not gone anywhere as people all the same will need habitation. Therefore demand has gradually grown, and now under it there is also an offer - mister Ustinov adds.

Among under construction objects participants of the market name a little sign. So, the housing estate project Royal park it is realised in a historical place of Kaliningrad - at Royal gate in territory of ancient German park. The first house has been put in operation in 2009, the second surrenders in the third quarter 2010, and the third - in the first quarter 2011. The one-room apartment the area of 48 sq. m in already constructed part can be bought for 2,4 million rbl.

Company SetlEstate realises in region two objects. In - the first, it Gold dust in Svetlogorsk - the housing estate consists of three houses. In - the second, a housing project South park in Kaliningrad. This project consists of four houses, two houses - 14 - floor. One-room apartment in South park the area of 29 sq. m will cost from 1,1 million rubles, two-room the area of 53 sq. m - from 1,7 million roubles. in crisis at us with financing of problems was not, and all projects which we have started before crisis, we realise, and frequently with an advancing of terms. However, we do not have big scope, but those houses which are under construction, surrender in time - Andrey Ustinov tells. Holding SKM group in June, 2010 has started realisation of the project of complex building in cost more than 4,2 mlrd rbl. near Kaliningrad. On 76,8 hectares in settlement Meadow the Guryev area of the Kaliningrad region there will be a microdistrict where will be more than 140 thousand in sq. m of a floor space, and also all necessary infrastructure. Thus the first phase of building should be finished on money of the Minister of Defence. Till the end of 2010 it is planned to erect the first stage - 55 houses for military men. Their holding will construct according to the state contract on 660 million roubles and only then will start erection of commercial habitation and an infrastructure. While the settlement population makes 4 thousand persons, and after the termination of building the quantity of inhabitants will increase presumably twice.

experts connect the further development of the market of real estate of Kaliningrad with several tendencies.

In - the first, this possible introduction in region in the near future the uniform tax to real estate. on the market it is constant it is rumored that in the near future can start the uniform tax to real estate, however nobody possesses trustworthy information. Anyway, as declared repeatedly the federal authorities, first the tax is supposed to be tested in several pilot regions. It is not excluded that the Kaliningrad region " becomes one of these regions; - the operating director " speaks; Century 21 West Evgenie Skomorovsky. Moreover, in the beginning of September representatives of regional administration have warned that the tax can be entered in region in 2012. Tax introduction is planned after carrying out of the cadastral account of objects of real estate and the statement of results of a cadastral estimation. According to the general director real estate Services Pavel Karasev, tax introduction will necessarily be reflected in cost of habitation and can designate new tendencies of development of the market. in short-term prospect of the price can grow, as participants of the transaction will simply consider the tax in the price, however in long-term prospect demand for investment apartments will sharply fall, and it can result, on the contrary, in falling of the prices for habitation - the expert speaks.

in - the second, all objects which are completed now in Kaliningrad, have been started even before crisis. It means that in a year - two there can be a deficiency of new habitation that, in turn, can lead to increase in average cost of square metre. In - the third, in Kaliningrad it is planned to realise the long-term target program Development of parks, park zones, squares and parkways of a city of Kaliningrad (2013 - 2015) . If the program is accepted, within three years the city authorities plan to enclose in green zones of Kaliningrad of 185 million rbl. While the document is on completion after the first presentation at session of the regional government.

however the program participants of the market name important: city woods and parks in Kaliningrad occupy 17 % of territory, whereas in the next Lithuania - 34 %. If the program is accepted, it can increase appeal of the local primary market as to realise it it is supposed around new buildings which on appeal while concedes to the central part (the apartments located in the centre, are on sale basically in the secondary market).