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Buyers have caused on ice

Struggle of shopping centres for visitors leaves on new level. If earlier owners of multipurpose complexes included objects of an entertaining infrastructure in a building of the operating centre the isolated projects working, however, in territory of a trading zone now began to appear. So, the company Dzhi Si development grup owning a complex the Grandee the Canyon has opened a separate building of Ice arena. It is focused not only on visitors, but also on professional sportsmen. Participants of the market believe that such course is capable to raise attendance of all centre.
arena Grandee Kanon Ajs has opened on the Suzdal prospectus, 29. The site area on which the Ice arena is located, - over 14 500 sq. m. a building Total area - 4 000 sq. m. the Size of an ice-rink under standards of the International federation of hockey - 30 h 60 m. The arena is equipped by the advanced infrastructure for carrying out of professional and amateur employment by hockey and figure skating, and also for mass driving of townspeople.

as have informed in Dzhi Si development grup total investments of the investor in the project taking into account land buying and an engineering infrastructure, and also an accomplishment and gardening have made 250 million rbl.

Arena will all-the-year-round work and round the clock. Indoors, except an ice skating rink, cafes, locker rooms, the training and gymnastic halls, a covered parking, an office of the doctor, hire of the fads, clothes are provided. The high quality sound and light equipment allows to spend here mass driving, including night mass drivings, and also sports actions of the highest level.

commissioning of Ice arena became the next step on realisation of plans Dzhi Si development grup On creation of a complex of objects in uniform territory where possibilities for rest, entertainments, playing sports, strengthening of health, purchases are offered visitors. Now here successfully work a multipurpose complex the Grandee the Canyon (150 000 sq. m.) Business - the centre, medical institutions, and also a parking and the furniture centre the Grandee the Canyon (31 000 sq.), the covered arranged well foot road from the underground.

Nikolay Ulanov, one of owners of sports school the Dynasty has informed that the school has already concluded the lease contract of an ice skating rink. in Petersburg there are not enough platforms where professional sportsmen can train. Hours on them are painted - mister Ulanov complains.

Svetlana Mahlaeva, the senior adviser of department of trading real estate Colliers International, considers that the high-grade ice arena calculated both on fans, and on professional works sports, for the Grandee of the Canyon is possibility to generate an additional stream in Broadcasting Company, and also the additional income. against growth of popularity of winter sports, in particular, figure skating, the arena will be in demand. Investments in arena arrangement in a separate building can be more low, than as a part of Broadcasting Company, times of recovery of outlay can make less than five years. As a whole, considering the further plans on development the Grandee of the Canyon (building of hotel, an aquapark with pool, a kindergarten), the complex becomes more and more interesting in the conceptual plan, confirming uniqueness of the concept and one of the most successful superregional Broadcasting Company in market SPB - madam Mahlaeva speaks.

Operating director NAI Becar Ilya Andreev notices that now presence in shopping centre of the big anchor operator, (for example, bowling or a cinema) for maintenance of a stream of people in a complex is natural. It is a question of inclusion in an infrastructure of a complex of non-standard entertaining elements as it is already characteristic for cities with a high saturation floor spaces (Japan, the USA, countries of Western Europe) much less often. the Grandee the Canyon is successful enough project. And placing of ice arena in already taken place object is a correct way of development. Despite objectively low and non-uniform saturation of St.-Petersburg qualitative shopping centres, proprietors should support interest to the centres, and also think out new ways of attraction of clients. Anyway in due course shopping centres morally become outdated and need in the second breath . Proprietors also should remember it and the management companies which are engaged in management of similar objects. In my opinion, new investments in object will pay off, as it will allow not only to keep available stream of buyers, but also to increase it - Andrey`s mister believes.