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At spravorossov a failure in time

Yesterday the Novosibirsk regional court has refused to consider claims spravorossov, demanding to remove the list of regional branch (RO) an United Russia from elections in Legislative Assembly. Refusal have explained that the claimant was late with giving of statements as make the decision court could not later than five days about day of voting. In Fair Russia assert what to consider claims with observance of necessary terms the court which has postponed session has prevented.
yesterday in Novosibirsk regional court session under statements RO " has taken place; Fair Russia achieving cancellation of registration of the list of candidates an United Russia on forthcoming elections in region Legislative Assembly. We will remind that 76 deputies, 38 of which - under party lists, 38 more - in one-mandatory districts on October, 10th will be selected.

All Novosibirsk spravorossy was put in in court by three statements. Two of them are connected with illegal, in their opinion, use an United Russia in the propaganda purposes of the federal target program of repair of highways New roads of cities of an United Russia . It started in the summer of 2010. Cost of a Novosibirsk part of the program covering 194 km of roads, makes 1,374 mlrd rbl. of Spravorossy have specified that symbolics an United Russia it is placed on the technics which is carrying out repair work, jackets and caps of road builders. Besides, materials in mass-media also mention the party in power the project. In the third claim the promises given by the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from " are resulted; an United Russia Valentine Bobyrevym on September, 30th at a meeting with voters of a city of Berdsk. Then he said that in Berdsk voted berdchaninu ostensibly will hand over everyone a food-card for 500 rbl. In RO Fair Russia consider that United Russia party members not only have obviously exceeded as much as possible admissible 5 % (or 1,5 million rbl.) uses of money resources besides means of own selective fund (the fund is limited to 30 million rbl.) But also are engaged barefaced payoff of voters .

Representatives an United Russia insisted in court that affairs should be stopped on the basis of the written petition of the regional election committee involved in process as the interested person. As have counted in election committee, applicants have broken terms of consideration of such complaints, established by the federal law 67 About the basic guarantees of suffrages and the rights to participation in a referendum of citizens of the Russian Federation . According to it, the decision should be in essence accepted court not later than five days about day of voting, and yesterday remains only four. Judge Inna Petrunina has supported the petition and has stopped affairs. It has reminded spravorossam that on the appeal of this decision they have five days.

we have presented documents on October, 1st, and our statements could be considered in essence on Monday when terms allowed to make it. As such precedent of promptness already was: yesterday the regional court has operatively considered decisions which have just arrived from regional election committee on cancellation of registration of two candidates - spisochnikov - from Fair Russia and LDPR. However in our case the judge has transferred session for one day, and demanded terms we to keep within already could not " in any way; - the member of fraction " has commented on a judgement; Fair Russia in the State Duma of the Russian Federation Oleg Mikheyev. On September, 29th the regional election committee has sent to regional court of the statement for registration cancellation spravorossa Konstantin Sitnikova and the liberal - democrat Sergey Stefanenko which have convicted of concealment of data on previous convictions. As the secretary of regional election committee Sergey Lebedev has informed yesterday , these claims are satisfied.

in RO an United Russia consider that spravorossy anyway had no judicial prospects. it seems to me, the court would not have bases to make the decision in advantage Fair Russia And on the substance of statements - the head of executive committee RO Oleg Ivaninsky has told yesterday . In its opinion, the claimant tries to win thus popularity, without finding time even to meet voters, filling up with their propaganda paper for recycling .

In Fair Russia intend to appeal against against a judgement. However, as Oleg Mikheyev, " has noticed; to change something, proceeding from our experience, hardly it will be possible .