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In Open Society novosibirskenergo two companies

Shareholders of Open Society " join; novosibirskenergo at extraordinary meeting on November, 8th, 2010 will consider questions on reorganisation of Open Society and increase in an authorised capital stock of a society, it is told in company materials. As have informed in novosibirskenergo under the decision of board of directors reorganisation will occur in the form of joining to it Open Society Sibirenergo - Invest (the company is allocated from Open Society structure Sibirenergo ) And Joint-Stock Company Power measurements . As a result of the action of two companies are converted in the action novosibirskenergo : 350 thousand preference shares and 3,5 million ordinary actions face value 10 rbl. Thus, an authorised capital stock novosibirskenergo can be increased by 23,96 % - to approximately 199,164 million rbl. Occurring internal changes in Open Society novosibirskenergo are connected with necessity of execution of the new law on a heat supply which provides change of the scheme of work on heat realisation in the Novosibirsk region. Now this activity is carried out by the guaranteeing supplier of Open Society Sibirenergo . According to the new law the given functions should be transferred the generating company - the representative " has noted; novosibirskenergo . On September, 22nd within the limits of this reorganisation of Joint-Stock Company novosibirskenergo (enters into Open Society group of companies novosibirskenergo ) it has been renamed into Open Society the Siberian power company . novosibirskenergo unites five thermal power plants in Novosibirsk and Barabinsk thermal power station. The established electric capacity - 2,522 thousand MVt, thermal - 6,782 thousand Gkal/ ch. novosibirskenergo is in company RU management - COM, benefitsiarom which Michael Abyzov is.