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The Belarus opposition has accepted Russia in the numbers

the Belarus opposition has made the protest against pressure of the authorities upon a course of the begun campaign for country presidential elections. Nevertheless present campaign differs radically from previous when the authorities operated much more rigidly. The opposition explains it to that the Belarus officials are frightened by Lukashenko`s collision with the Kremlin also expects to use this fact for discharge of the working president from the power - but already after elections.
the day before the Belarus Central Electoral Committee has generated structure of district electoral committees. Only 14 representatives of opposition there have got is 0,7 % from total of members. Other places were occupied with officials and representatives of the progovernmental public organisations. According to oppositionists, the structure of electoral committees also will predetermine an outcome of elections. Head of the Belarus popular front Alexey Janukevich has assured That for the Belarus commissions all is equal, as on elections vote: total results at them are registered in advance. The authorities reject opposition claims. Chapter TSIKa Lydia Yermoshin has informed that in electoral committees enough places - " are given oppositionists; according to their demands and a place in a society .

However, pressure of the authorities upon a course of election campaign is not limited to it. On Monday the OMON has dispersed picket collecting signatures for the candidate from civil campaign the European Belarus Andrey Sannikova in the centre of Minsk. To oppositionists have explained that on this place will open trading tent. But after their leaving there there was a picket on petition for Alexander Lukashenko. In Brest the power in general have forbidden oppositions to collect signatures in city centre, having allocated for this purpose waste ground on suburb.

however it is to supporters of the working president, seemingly, helps a little. The Internet dazzles with photos, on which collectors of signatures for Alexander Lukashenko stand without business whereas to subscribe for opposition candidates turns are built. The candidate from civil campaign Tell truth Vladimir Nekljaev has told that the authorities solve this problem by means of poor students. speak to them: collect signatures for Lukashenko then you will pass a test - the oppositional candidate has informed. Under its data, such a choice to students has given a management of the Belarus state university. And heads of state structures where members of its initiative group work, mister Nekljaev confirms, threaten them with dismissal if those are noticed in petition for the leader Tell truth . The candidate from Incorporated democratic party Yaroslav Romanchuk has informed What is the formation management has transferred to heads of subordinated establishments the instruction forbidding to their workers to subscribe for someone, except Alexander Lukashenko.

nevertheless the Belarus opposition considers that present election campaign differs radically from previous when the authorities operated much more rigidly. the Belarus officials are frightened by Lukashenko`s collision with the Kremlin, they are not assured of tomorrow and do not want without direct instructions from above, under the initiative to rage - the co-ordinator of civil campaign " has explained; the European Belarus Dmitry Bondarenko. He explains these that last days officials have not removed as usual from an aether sharp plots of the Russian TV channels about president Lukashenko, and they were seen by spectators in Belarus.

almost all leaders of opposition are convinced that present presidential elections of Belarus, as well as previous, become a farce, however their results does not recognise not only the West (as it was earlier), but also Russia. And it, the Belarus oppositionists count, will allow them to achieve successfully Alexander Lukashenko`s leaving - already after elections.