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Holding RATM and its owner

Holding RATM has been created by Edward Taranom in Novosibirsk in 1992 as Joint-Stock Company TPD Regional association of fuel materials . Originally specialised on trade in coal. Now into holding enters 78 enterprises which are engaged in manufacture of cement (Open Society Iskitimtsement Open Society Angarsktsement ), mechanical engineering (Open Company Alttrak ), optiko - electronic instrument making (Joint-Stock Company the Screen - optical systems Joint-Stock Company Lytkarinsky factory of optical glass Open Society Rostov optiko - mechanical factory American ROSS Holding International Inc.), glass manufacture (Open Society Factory the Screen ), designing and manufacture of the pump equipment (Open Society NPO gidromash Joint-Stock Company Katajsky pump factory ) investitsionno - developer activity. By estimations, the holding turn in 2009 has made $800 million, profit - about $100 million

the Head of the company Edward Taran was born on November, 16th, 1967 in Novosibirsk. Has ended Novosibirsk humanitarian institute (on a speciality economy ), Novosibirsk state technical university ( economy and management at the enterprise in thermal power station branches ) Sankt - the Petersburg university of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (jurisprudence faculty). Cand.Econ.Sci. In the beginning 1990 - h years was engaged in building business to Kemerovo. Since 1993 held a post of the chairman of board of directors, and since 2001 - the president of Open Company RATM - Holding . The condition estimates in the sum about $800 million 31,3 % in football club " Own; Siberia .

Mister Taran was repeatedly mentioned in mass-media as the raider. For example, on December, 11th, 2006 the New newspaper has accused him of capture Angarsktsementa . In 2007 it has seized at edition of 50 thousand rbl. In January, 2007 the newspaper Top secret has informed on capture RATM of the Novosibirsk enterprise Elsib and the Valdai factory Jupiter . Edward Taran also has submitted the claim about indemnification of moral harm on 3 million rbl., but court to it has refused.