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Yesterday at the expanded session of council about local government development of an accomplishment of territories Dmitry Medvedev has subjected to criticism and the legislation, both municipalities, and management companies (UK). Accomplishment indicators are entrusted for including in criteria of an estimation of activity of local governments.
yesterday Dmitry Medvedev has spent council about local government to discuss that it is necessary to make for a universal accomplishment of settlements in the country and how to raise quality housing - public service. Opening session, mister Medvedev has praised at once heads of those regions and cities, where already to live comfortably enough, anyway to the Russian measures . The arranged most well not to arrival of the president or other chief there was Nalchik, Cheboksary, Tyumen, Khabarovsk and Belgorod. Then the president has passed to statement of problems.

First of all Dmitry Medvedev has charged to establish accurately in the legislation responsibility of authorities, business and tenants for an accomplishment. Now, as he said, in one municipalities of the power almost do not regulate these questions, and in others regulate excessively entering including known, according to the president, voluntary requisitions from business on an accomplishment of cities. After legislation specification, as he said, indicators of an accomplishment of settlements quite naturally to include in criteria of an estimation of activity of local governments.

speaking about sources of financing of an accomplishment, the president has complained that local budgets not completely receive gathering due to them from the ground tax, including from - for complexities of process of registration of the rights to the ground areas and a cadastral estimation . Also has there and then pleased municipalities with the offer to give them the ground tax from sites on which federal objects (governors settle down estimate these incomes in 120 mlrd rbl.) . As he said, in some regions such earths make the overwhelming majority . Thus it has reminded that incomes of local budgets make 18 % from the consolidated budget (2,4 trln rbl. in 2009), and has declared necessity to adjust control of expenses which, as he said, is adjusted only in third of municipalities.

but has most of all got from the president appeared during reform of housing and communal services to the companies operating apartment houses (UK). They, as he said, were created for competent management and the decision of problems of housing and communal services, for rendering to tenants of reasonable services in cost. As a result of, as he said, REU, DEZy, other offices have changed a signboard, but style of their work remained frequently the same . Activity of many such firms is opaque, frequently they are connected and with local heads, there is no feedback with consumers. And decisions which are accepted including on the most sensitive theme, under tariffs, are often simply not clear - the president has informed. It has charged accurately to regulate the rights and duties of the operating organisations, to strengthen their responsibility for legislation default, including for infringement of standards of disclosing of the information on their work .

UK have tried to justify. General director UK from Ulyanovsk Michael Sychev has complained of inertness of tenants, and also on energetikov, from - for tariffs and which requirements about any accomplishment of speech cannot be . He has suggested to enter uniform methods of exhibiting energetikami volumes and quality of services. typical contracts would be convenient. Power are capable to unscrew hands to everybody, they monopolists - the president has agreed and has given the commission to develop to the government contracts. He also has agreed with offer of head UK to prolong for two years work of fund of housing and communal services, from which sofinansiruetsja capital repairs. The president of the offer has supported, but criticism has not softened: At people, of course, overestimated expectations, but also you should be guided by result . Recognising that for one day all will not change, has reproduced to mister Sychev opinion of citizens: Have appeared UK, money took, and all the same: at an entrance untidily and cats smells .

the Minister of regional development Victor Basargin has informed that the governmental order " is already accepted; About standards of disclosing of information UK also has assured that the order of Minregiona toughening standards of work UK is already prepared. The minister has presented the concept of uniform system of an accomplishment of municipalities, at which without dependence from the one who supervises over settlement or region, its inhabitants received the guaranteed result . It is promised to enter also in 2011 the national standard the Accomplishment of territories to introduce control of each site of territory in municipalities. Such approach as mister Basargin has informed, will make almost impossible the dot building spoiling architectural shape of cities . Among cities which have already introduced such approach, Moscow has not been named.

the minister has suggested to enter also liability of infringement of requirements of an accomplishment with a direction of penalties into local budgets. He has informed that the bill directed on stage-by-stage cancellation of operating federal privileges under the ground tax is already ready. He has suggested to allocate for putting in order of streets and roads from federal road fund 15 mlrd rbl. Will help municipalities with an accomplishment and higher budgets - they will be sofinansirovat municipal programs of an accomplishment.

Victor Basargin has reserved unpleasant figures on the report ending. He has informed that complex programs of an accomplishment while are realised all in 25 % of municipalities, and town-planning plans are accepted only in 3/ 5 municipalities, and has asked the president not to transfer any more the terms, released to municipalities for working out of these plans.

unlike the previous meetings, the report of the minister of the president has obviously arranged. Besides its offers, it has supported also a number of offers of mayors, including about reduction from half a year to smaller term approach of judicial proceedings for defaulters of utility bills and introduction of penalties for garbage in municipalities.