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“ the Second cargo company “ not unique

the Preferential rate of the profit tax which the Sverdlovsk authorities suggested to lower from 18 % to 13,5 % for attraction in region “ the Second cargo company “ can use and large holdings. As the regional minister of the industry Alexander Petrov, under action of the new law has declared industrial projects of Pervouralsk new trumpet factory (PNTZ), ", in particular, get; Sinary “ Evraz and “ Uralhimplasta “. If they use a privilege, only from the project “ Uralhimplasta “ the budget will receive less about 125 million roubles a year.

we will remind, the bill of decrease in the rate of the profit tax from 18 % to 13,5 % for a period of five years for the enterprises registered since January, 1st, 2010 in territory of Sverdlovsk area, has been approved by regional Duma on September, 28th. According to the document, under the preferential taxation the companies with the minimum authorised capital stock not less than 10 million the roubles, engaged in introduction of innovative technologies, manufacture modernisation, and also the companies at a stage start - ap projects get. It was supposed that the basic exempt will be “ the Second cargo company “ which the Russian Railway board of directors has decided to register in Ekaterinburg. At protection of the bill the volume of dropping out incomes of the budget was estimated in 1,8 mlrd roubles for all five years.

as the minister of the industry and a science of Sverdlovsk area Alexander Petrov has told „”, the right of the preferential taxation can use and already operating large enterprises which start new capacities. “ there is a certain set of requirements to the companies which apply for reception of preferences - their demands will be considered by the Ministry of Economics. First of all, it is interesting to us to support the companies which are engaged in innovative workings out, or what conduct manufacture modernisation. In particular, we are ready to support new modern manufactures PNTZ - an under construction electrosteel-smelting complex and the centre of the finishing scheme of processing of pipes if they are issued as the separate companies “ - the minister has informed. Besides, as he said, use privileges can and TMK (an electrosteel-smelting complex on Open Society “ Seversky trumpet factory “) Evraz (reconstruction of domain manufacture on NTMK), joint venture Siemens and groups Sinara - “ the Ural locomotives “ “ Uralhimplast “ (manufacture metanola). “ Yes, there are fears concerning budget filling, it is necessary to find thin balance between measures of support and a collecting of taxes. But it is necessary measures: creation of new manufactures is an increase in profit, so it anyway additional receipts of taxes, instead of their absence “ - mister Petrov has specified.

by estimations of the vice-president of committee of regional Duma under Yury Balanova`s budget, the sum of the half-received taxes even taking into account addition of the new enterprises “ should not exceed sounded by the Ministry of Economics 1,8 mlrd roubles “. “ It was the pessimistic forecast, I think, finally the sum will change slightly. All depends on that, how many the companies will come to region and what their profit will be. If it completely new manufactures - that let pay though 13,5 %, than in general anything “ - he marks. Meanwhile, proceeding from investment project presentation “ Uralhimplasta “ on manufacture creation metanola, the planned volume of deductions under the profit tax is expected in the sum about 500 million roubles. Thus, only on this project the regional budget will receive less an order of 125 million roubles in a year (600 million roubles for all period of action of tax privileges).

potential addressees of tax privileges have informed on the interest, but yet in a course how it probably to make. “ in 2011 - 2012 on NTMK we plan to enter installation on inflation pyleugolnogo fuel, cost 5,3 mlrd roubles. It will allow the enterprise to save to 650 million cubic metre of gas and on 20 % to lower the coke expense. We highly appreciate the initiative of the regional authorities on granting of tax preferences for separate manufactures and are ready to the further study of the form of realisation of this cooperation “ - the vice-president on public relations Evraz Alexey Agureev has informed, having refused to name possible volume of the saved means thus. The source „” in the company does not exclude that for reception of preferences the company can deduce new manufacture in the separate legal body from 100 % - ache the property. According to the chief executive of group Sinara Evgenie Gritsenko, Open Company “ the Ural locomotives “ completely falls under action of privileges as it is registered in July, 2010. “ undoubtedly, the preferential rate becomes the significant factor for investors. Considering that „the Ural locomotives” is in an investment phase, in 2010 - 2011 the sum of privileges under the profit tax will be not too essential, but in process of growth of volumes of output it will increase “ - he has noted, having refused to specify the size of the received economy.