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In business “ prodkorporatsii “ term

the Central regional court of Chelyabinsk was designated left on the closing stage of consideration of criminal case on plunder about 200 million roubles the Chelyabinsk State Unitary Enterprise “ prodkorporatsija “ which is in court more than two years. Yesterday state charge has suggested to condemn four accused - officials and businessmen for the term from three till nine years of imprisonment. The unique indulgence in the form of conditional punishment was offered for the former director of State Unitary Enterprise Vladimir Shvadchenko, criminal case is based on whose indications.

yesterday`s session has caused in representatives of the public and mass-media a great interest. Except journalists, process was visited by the expert of regional public chamber Vladimir Filichkin and the representative of regional council of public organisation “ Protection of human rights “ Alexey Suzdalov which also are public defenders of defendants. Even prior to the beginning of session mister Filichkin has declared „” that considers criminal case custom-made and will insist, that the court concerned protection proofs more carefully. “ for all time of hearings I had an impression that we are not listened simply “ - he has noted.

we will remind, according to materials of criminal case which was investigated by employees of FSB, in 2006 the head of State Unitary Enterprise “ prodkorporatsija “ Vladimir Shvadchenko should conclude the contract on delivery of 20 thousand tons of diesel fuel for region agricultural productions. According to charge, initially the official has been misled by the criminal group consisting of the owner of Open Company “ IFG “EvroAzija“ “ Etimada Ismailov (the son of the leader of the Azerbaijan party “ Adaljat “ Iljasa Ismailov. - „”), its relative Abbasa Dzhafarova and the deputy director “ Russian grain company “ (RZK) Vladimir Guzova. As considers a consequence, mister Guzov has suggested mister Shvadchenko to put fuel through Open Company “ Interstroj “ which ostensibly was affiliated structure RZK and “ evroazii “. That has agreed and has translated into its account about 200 million roubles, but fuel in region and has not arrived. Thus mister Shvadchenko has not co-ordinated the transaction with the regional ministry of the industry (the proprietor of State Unitary Enterprise. - „”) as it was demanded by duty regulations. After that the illegal scheme of plunder has been opened by employees regional UFSB and accusations in swindle fulfilment (ch have been brought to misters Ismailov, Dzhafarovu and Guzovu. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) and legalisations of money resources (ch. 4 items 174. 1 criminal codes of Russian Federation). Accusations in abusing powers of office (ch have been brought to Vladimir Shvadchenko. 2 items 201 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).

In the beginning of yesterday`s session when the judge declared the beginning of debate of the parties (a finishing stage of litigation. - „”), lawyers of all defendants have sharply objected. “ it is impossible to pass to debate. We suggest to return to a judicial examination stage. In particular, at last session from 63 petitions of protection it has been considered only 33 “ - has noted lawyer Etimada Ismailov Ekaterina Bereznjakovsky. Representatives of state charge have declared that the protection position is unreasonable. “ at us process goes more than 2,5 years - in this time protection could give all arguments “ - Tatyana Jakunkova has explained the public prosecutor. As a whole state charge has agreed with a consequence in respect of qualification of actions of defendants as swindle, however has completely excluded structure made by it “ legalisation (washing up) of money resources in the large size “. “ we have not found proofs of a consequence which specify that defendants " were engaged in legalisation of these means In litigation; - Tatyana Jakunkova has explained. However it has not prevented to request for defendants of the big imprisonment terms - to Etimadu Ismailov nine years of a standard regime penal colony, to Vladimir Guzovu and Abbasu Dzhafarovu - eight and six years accordingly. “ however at appointment of punishment for Vladimir Shvadchenko I ask court to take into consideration its full cooperation with the investigation, after all its indications have laid down in a criminal case basis, therefore we ask to sentence it to three years of the conditional conclusion “ - has noted a state accuser. It is necessary to notice that mister Shvadchenko is under a subscription about nevyezde, and other figurants of business - under arrest about three years.

protection of defendants which continues to insist that the consequence and could not establish the persons really involved in plunder of budgetary funds, has promised to state an estimation to the bill of particulars at session on Thursday.