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Anapa against Azov - City

amendments are repeatedly made To the State Duma to the law About gamblings allowing to liquidate an operating gambling zone Azov - City on border of two regions - Krasnodar territory and the Rostov region - and to create new in Anapa. The Duma committee on ekonompolitike and to business has already rejected the similar offer in the end of September.
the committee of the State Duma on the budget and taxes has introduced on October, 4th in the lower chamber of parliament the bill About modification of article 9 FZ About activity state regulation on the organisation and carrying out of gamblings . The document excludes the Rostov region from among the territories developing gambling zones, and abolishes position about an interdiction for liquidation of a zone before the expiration of ten years from its creation. from the moment of the edition of the order of the government about creation Azov - City has passed almost three years. However high-grade functioning of a gambling zone is not present till now. Krasnodar territory traditionally is the rest and tourism centre and possesses bolshej investment appeal. It allows to carry out building of objects in a gambling zone basically at the expense of investments involved in given region - it is told in the explanatory note to the bill.

the author of the document is the deputy from Krasnodar territory Gleb Hor. It in the summer of this year initiated entering of similar points into the project of amendments to the law About gamblings the Krasnodar senator Alexander Pochinka, but in the end of September the profile committee of the State Duma has excluded offers of the mister of Chorus from the bill (see from September, 24th).

FZ About activity state regulation on the organisation and carrying out of gamblings... since July, 1st, 2009 has limited a gaming in the country to four zones. The first has earned Azov - City (occupies on 1 thousand in hectare in Krasnodar territory and the Rostov region; three more zones are in the Kaliningrad region, the Altay and seaside edges): here in January 2010 - go the casino " has opened; the Oracle the first legal gambling institution in Russia (attendance 2 - 2,7 thousand persons a month), and on October, 1st the second - a Shambhala .

Developers of the new document do not hide that their purpose - building of a southern zone at the Black Sea coast. the area of Anapa is more perspective, than Azov - City . On this territory already there are the investors, ready to build gambling institutions - has declared Alexander Pochinok. Who is particularly ready to invest in anapsky the project, he has not specified.

for the Rostov authorities repeated entering of amendments into the State Duma became unexpected. At an investment forum in Sochi the Rostov and Krasnodar delegations have agreed about a joint solution of a problem with a gambling zone. The State Duma did not begin to consider the amendment to the gambling law. However misters the Chorus and Repairings is literally in two weeks have acted with the next initiative. We did not expect such from the Kuban colleagues - the chairman of the Rostov Legislative Assembly Victor Derjabkin has declared. However, as he said, the Rostov authorities hope to block document acceptance.

according to experts, the decision on carrying over of a gambling zone is already accepted at the governmental level, and the next step to this direction - the decision about liquidation of a special economic zone (OEZ) New Anapa signed the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin on September, 24th. The decision was accepted on the basis of the law About special economic zones in the Russian Federation Existence of a zone providing the preschedule termination if within three years from its creation it is not concluded any investment agreement. to build in Anapa a gambling zone, it was necessary to clean at first OEZ. Its liquidation - precedent, such in Russia yet was not. I think that the decision on zone carrying over was accepted for a long time and has got support in the government - the chairman of committee Trading - industrial chamber of the Rostov region on business in sphere of show business and a gaming Nikolay Oganezov speaks.

According to the director of Association of development Azov - City Lenara Kashapova, investors of the Krasnodar part of the gambling zone, 70 hectares of the earth renting more, completely support moving to Anapa. A difference in earth cost in Azov - City and around Anapa them does not confuse. as the companies have already enclosed the means in projects in Azov - City They expect to receive in rent the same quantity of the earth at the Black Sea coast without surcharge - mister Kashapov has told. the Average volume of investments into each project in a gambling zone in Anapa, according to plans of Krasnodar territory, will make $600 - 700 million I Am afraid that present investors Azov - City in Anapa can appear out of work - Nikolay Oganezov has noted.