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vitse - the mayor of Berezniki has got to city

the Authorities of Perm at formation of a management of city administration for the first time have paid attention to the official from municipalities of Prikamye. The new assistant to city - the manager of Perm Anatoly Mahovikova on economy becomes vitse - the mayor of Berezniki Victor Ageev which all career is connected with administration of this city. It already the third appointment for last month on a key post in Perm - before the power were defined with budgetary vitse - the mayor and the head of Lenin area. Experts consider strange occurrence of new officials of all for half a year to elections when the head of Perm can be replaced.
yesterday a press - the service of administration of Perm has informed, as. City island - the manager of Perm Anatoly Mahovikov was defined, whom will appoint the assistant supervising the block economic development . Since October, 11th this post will be occupied with Victor Ageev before working as the assistant of the head of administration of Berezniki. In a press - service underline that the nominee of mister Ageeva has been co-ordinated not only with the head of Perm, but also the governor of the Perm edge. In conducting new vitse - the mayor three structural divisions - department of property relations (DIO), department of an industrial policy, investments and business and department of roads and transport (DDT) will be transferred. By data , the former top - the manager " was one more applicant for this post; KAMAbanka and the Perm office SDM - Bank Oleg Ganin. At least, on the eve of occurrence of the information on Victor Ageeva`s appointment, in a press - administration service confirmed that the nominee of mister Ganin was really discussed.

recruiting on a supervising post in administration of Perm of the official from edge municipalities - a unique case. Earlier on such posts, as a rule, stole up or natives of business, or on a step workers of the Perm mayoralty upwards rose. The administration received considerable strengthening also from regional administration. Victor Ageev - absolutely new person in Perm. Before, right after the university terminations in 1996, it worked only in the mayoralty of Berezniki where began career by the chief specialist of ground committee, and in 2006 became vitse - the mayor. Recently 35 - the summer official was engaged in city property, the organisation of building of municipal habitation, working out of the town-planning documentation. It is known that it supervised microdistrict erection Usolsky where moved people from a zone possible prosedanija the ground which has arisen from - for failures on Open Society mine Uralkaly . Mister Ageev has informed that the offer to work in the Perm mayoralty to it has arrived in the beginning of September, and long he over it did not reflect. It is interesting that in the mayoralty of Perm any more for the first time address to shots from Berezniki. In 2008 vitse - the mayor under the budget four months were worked by the former head bereznikovskogo branch New mountain Sergey Patrushev.

it is necessary to notice that over earlier economic block mister Mahovikov supervised. But after the head of administration of Perm Arcady Katz and its place this winter has retired mister Mahovikov (it was the first deputy of mister Katz) has occupied, the post was released. Until recently duties zamglavy were executed head DIO by Lyudmila Tolmachyov. Yesterday it became known that now it will supervise, as before, only over department. Also it is necessary to pay attention that the department of roads and transport - one of the most problem departments of the mayoralty is transferred mister Ageevu. The transport branch is shaken many years from conflicts of administration and carriers, therefore since summer of 2009 DDT was under the authority of mister Mahovikova.

Thus, Anatoly Mahovikov has completely generated a management of administration of Perm. In the beginning of September one more has been appointed vitse - the mayor - the budgetary block was headed the chief of department of the finance by Elena Chugarina. Thus, vacant rates zamglavy are not present administration more. As to the first vitse - the mayor even in the summer mister Mahovikov declared that to elections of deputies gordumy (March, 2011, the head of Perm will be chosen from the deputy case) it is not meaningful to appoint someone to this post. On the other hand, then city - the manager excluded that for the same reason there will be a new head of Lenin area. However last week it became known that Victor Sheyin becomes them were GFI on the Perm edge.

strange things are created. What for someone to take for short term? The person has come and after elections can remain with what. I do not see logic in appointments - one of deputies gordumy Perm is distressed. Hardly these appointments can affect success on elections. For example, Sheyin - the person of a command of Trutnev and Chirkunova and to count that it will be loyal to the head of Perm Igor Shubinu, it is not necessary. If behind all appointments also there are any calculations they will not justify themselves - the doctor of political sciences Oleg Podvintsev considers.