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SMS in especially large sizes

Legislators prepare legalisation SMS - payments for the considerable sums, and court enforcement officers suggest to use them for repayment of debts. It seems that Russia again is going to lay a special way as it already was with payment terminals where cash bring the lion`s share of the means arriving including into the accounts of cellular operators. The Internet - banking through which it is accepted to pay in the developed countries, and has not got love of Russians.

SMS - legalisation
on October, 6th the State Duma has approved the bill which assumes full legalisation of mobile payments in the first reading. It is a question of changes in laws About banks and bank activity and About communication . To pay by means of SMS it will be possible purchase or service in cost no more than 15 thousand rbl. the credit organisation from which the operator will sign the corresponding contract will Actually pay. The operator will write off money from the user`s account to return to their bank.

basically to render to subscribers quasifinancial services to operators the recent instruction of Bank of Russia allows. In the beginning of September the Ministry of Finance has introduced in the government the bill About national payment system which gives control over electronic payment systems just to Bank of Russia. The document does not consider specificity of mobile payments, however the regulator has acted with the letter which confirms that the mechanism used by operators, corresponds to the legislation.

but nevertheless though while the legal base only is formed also the cellular operator is not the financial organisation, three leading cellular operators suggest subscribers to pay by means of SMS everything: from actually communication to housing - utilities and, for example, purchases in the Internet - shops. At subscribers a Biline Such possibility is here some years, the Megaphone has started the service last year, MTS - in the end of September.

for example, service Mobile payment accessible to subscribers a Biline allows to pay ZHKU in Moscow, Peter, Perm and several other cities, to fill up user`s accounts of cellular operators (not only a Biline ) To pay for television, the Internet, stationary telecommunication, to make purchases in a number the Internet - shops, to transfer money to accounts of the charitable organisations and etc. Subscribers of MTS can make payments with the greatest among operators the big three the maximum sum of one operation - to 15 thousand rbl. At a Biline while the maximum sum of payment - 6 thousand rbl., at the Megaphone - 3 thousand rbl.

Similar payments with mobile are not cheap SMS, but they have not something in common with model send SMS with such - that a code on short number . If to speak about short numbers for each operator to whom this number belongs, message cost is fixed, and it does not change. Four-unit numbers usually rent at operator SMS - agregatory, or as them still name, a content - providers, whose business consists on sale of a mobile content, access to paid services (online - games, the dating sites some fajloobmenniki and etc.) The organisations of votings or, for example, to delivery of these numbers in subrent. The maximum sum in which one message on such number can manage, - $10 without the VAT. That is the multipurpose payment mechanism, high-grade analogue online - bankinga, on such model you will not construct.

therefore for carrying out actually payments when all it began, Vympelcom the owner of a trade mark a Biline suggested subscribers to get separate predoplatnyj the account and to operate it by means of SMS. Service was not popular. Now all is easier. At each payment to the subscriber the virtual prepaid card of bank (the partner of the operator) automatically opens, on it the sum is translated from the user`s account demanded for payment of the goods or service, the bank pays off.

the same mechanism of work and at the joint project of MTS with the Moscow underground which is planned to start till the end of this year. Here, truth, all absolutely futuristichno. Are necessary special SIM - a card and module NFC (Near Field Communications). Phone with such SIM - a card and the module - the aerial needs to be brought to a turnstile. a sim card and MTS - as the usual travel card plans to sell the module. It is unessential to consumer even to understand that, bringing phone to a turnstile, formally he asks the operator to return it a part of money from the account (exactly so much, how many there is a journey). MTS automatically translates them on the bank account of Moscow, and that pays off with an underground. NFC - exotic not only for Russia. Phones which are equipped by special modules to surprise nobody, say, in Japan - there on devices they are established initially more often. But in the majority of the countries the technology gets accustomed slowly - basically from - that manufacturers of phones do not hasten to finish the devices.

Phones and terminals
In MTS expect that incomes of three leading operators of mobile payments in 2013 will make nearby 1,2 mlrd rbl. (MTS share thus should exceed 35 %, hope in the company).

This figure is lost against indicators of the most demanded tool in Russia remote access to financial services - payment terminals. Only in first half of 2010, by estimates of National association of participants of electronic trade (NAUET), iron boxes have collected instant payments more than on 350 mlrd rbl. (during the similar period of last year volume of this market the association estimated almost in 300 mlrd rbl.) . In total - almost 2,9 mlrd rbl. of transaction. Terminals on which the most widespread system - QIWI is established, have collected for the same half a year more than 1,4 mlrd rbl. of payments.

by itself, at terminals huge base of service providers: more than thousand at leading payment systems, QIWI and CyberPlat, - against tens at mobile operators.

traditionally great bulk of payments in terminals - cellular communication fee. These are 78 % in money terms (in first half of 2009 this indicator made 84 %). That is to the terminal market in general threatens nothing: money for user`s accounts (it is not important, whether only for communication or also for SMS - payments) on - former will arrive through terminals - in the form of a cache.

and how differently? 130 million Russian bank cards from which 90 % - debit, are used basically for removal of cash, is told in company AnalyticResearchGroup research. In 2009 on payment of the goods and services it was necessary less than 30 % of operations with bank plastic. This indicator grows from year to year, but while slowly enough. It in spite of the fact that terminals - the most expensive tool of instant payments (the Internet - banking, as a rule, in general is free, and the commissions for SMS - payments are minimum). For the majority of transaction the robot takes 5 - 10 %.

the Internet - bankingom in the end of 2009, by company estimations finam at least once a month 1,5 million persons used only. And much the account is necessary to learn the balance only. But prosper online - services of terminal payment systems. So, QIWI the Purse most widespread of them, in the first half of the year 2010 has collected payments on 10 mlrd rbl. Under own data of holding QIWI Ltd, number of its active users - 6 million persons. In Russia salary accounts are at many, but all the same money from them cashes and thrusts in terminals - Boris Kim, the chairman of committee on payment systems and bank tools NAUET speaks. However, certain psychological advantage at terminal online - payments is: to create an electronic purse, it is enough to put a denomination in a crack and to fill the registration form, without contacting bank account opening. At last, by means of the same QIWI the Purse it is possible to pay through the account at the mobile operator: it is enough to specify number of the cellular telephone as payment means.

SMS - a fashionable thing. Operators now speak about mobile commerce much. But it is necessary to understand that it only a way of access, the interface. Phone is used for management of the account - or it is the bank account, or user`s, or, for example, an electronic purse - Boris Kim reflects. Thus, the interlocutor " is assured; Money as the access tool to money actually SMS loses to more technological things, in particular mobile appendices, systems online - bankinga. to Put money on mobile by means of SMS it is simple and convenient: enough if at you such service is connected to send the sum from the bank card on known number. And here, for example, with penalties of traffic police it is more difficult: it is necessary after all to specify, for example, both decision number, and co-ordinates of the payer - Boris Kim continues. Indisputable plus SMS it is possible what to pay when necessary. Also it is not required even GPRS for an exit in the Internet.

mobile police officers
the Federal Agency of court enforcement officers (FSSP) suggests by means of SMS to pay debts against Federal tax service and administrative penalties. With help SMS it is offered to inform debtors.

Problems with informing really are, the leading adviser of the company " notices; Financial examination Dmitry Shiryaev: the decisions of court enforcement officers directed by mail, are quite often lost. Considering that with judicial summonses a situation similar, the debtor can learn about the debts when it will remove from flight at the airport.

police officers tried to adjust for a long time cooperation with cellular operators, and the last, as a rule, regarded these attempts as pressure. One year ago director FSSP Arthur Parfenchikov has ordered to police officers to involve operators in administrative responsibility for refusal to open the information on subscribers and the sums on their accounts. Operators refused to share data, referring to the law About the personal data . They were afraid that police officers will start to null accounts of debtors that will undermine trust of clients to operators. In certain cases police officers really achieved the judgements, allowing to write off money from the user`s account on account of a debt. However, decisions were taken out alternately that in favour of operators, in favour of police officers.

now the conflict, apparently, was resolved in favour of agents of national security. The State Duma has approved amendments to laws About executive manufacture and About court enforcement officers which allow police officers to obtain the personal data of debtors. it should allow to stop lawsuits: the police officer has the right to request any information, it concerns not only mobile operators - has declared to Money head FSSP.

the Question on execution of the law after its acceptance to discuss senselessly - the senior partner of the company " makes comments; Bilberries, Dzhaarbekov and partners Irina Chernik. In the Megaphone However, pay attention that on October, 5th the Supreme Arbitration Court presidium recognised requirements of the court enforcement officer - the executor about inquiry of the personal data of the subscriber illegal. our definitive position on this question will be generated after acquaintance with the full text of the judicial certificate - speak in the company.

in Vympelcom say that else it is necessary to develop uniform, it is desirable the automated process of granting of the list of data on subscribers with observance of requirements on protection of the personal data. for us basic value had statement FSSP for absence of interest to compulsory write-off of debts from mobile accounts of subscribers - add in the company. Head FSSP specifies that in exceptional cases police officers will null nevertheless user`s accounts of debtors. However, he speaks, procedure is difficult: This money represents advance payment for services of cellular communication and is at the third party disposal, that is the operator. To court enforcement officers, Arthur Parfenchikov, " continues; it is even more interesting to develop relations with operators in a context of payment of debts on executive manufactures by means of mobile phones: the working group with participation of the largest operators which should be offered concrete algorithm " is created;.

While the most effective ways of repayment of debts - payment through bank or in cash desk of management FSSP, speaks Evgenie Maksimov, the leading lawyer of the legal company the Tax specialist : it is easy to prove the payment Fact, process - to check: payments through bank should pass within two days is is established by the law and instructions of Bank of Russia. Police officers if they independently accept money in cash desk, give out the corresponding receipt .

Operators to liquidate debts through mobile tubes approve idea FSSP, however while it concrete conditions are not clear. we closely work with FSSP while to us have presented only the general vision of interaction. There are some legal and technical problems, not allowing to realise SMS - informing in that kind as it offers FSSP - speak in the Megaphone . We study a question on inclusion in the list of services of mobile commerce and payment of debts - have informed to Money in Vympelcom .

Besides payment of debts and penalties by means of SMS FSSP plans to use for this purpose own site, and also cash dispenses. Completely the system will earn within a year - two, promise in federal service. Thus FSSP does not plan to involve not bank payment terminals - the means of mobile payments which yet does not have in Russia equal on popularity. And in vain does not plan, Victor Petunin, the commercial director of company APAY considers: if special boxes to put on customs posts at the airports (now the list of debtors not eligible to travel abroad totals 150 thousand persons), they could collect the decent sums.

anyway about indisputable convenience to the debtor fast systems it would be possible to speak, if, say, having learnt on border about the debt, you could pay instantly it and get access for a cordon. But while transaction, through whatever system it was spent, will occupy time where bolshee, than it is required for sending SMS. The subsequent removal by police officers of an interdiction for freedom of your movement is required also. On flight, in general not to be in time.