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From 30 cents to 16 dollars for the person POLL PRICE
In the USA population census in 2000 has captured 281,4 million persons. Its cost has made $4,5 mlrd, or about $16 on each inhabitant. The budget of census going now makes $14,5 billion According to preliminary data, the country population has grown to 310,4 million persons, means, expenses will make $46,7 on each American.

total expenditure on passed on April, 29th, 2001 in Great Britain population census from the planning beginning in 1993 and to the announcement of results in 2006 is estimated in £ 259 million On its results the quantity of citizens of the United Kingdom has made 58,79 million persons - census cost £ 4,4 on everyone.

in India census also has taken place in 2001. Then in the country lived approximately 1,03 mlrd the person. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of India, census carrying out has managed in $297,9 million that has made $0,3 on the person.

in Belarus in October, 2009 it has been copied 9,5 million persons. According to Belstata, for the organisation and research carrying out it has been allocated by $8,3 million from which $800 thousand has given the United Nations. Thus, census cost in recalculation on one person has made about $0,9.