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As the hacker

About consequences of acquaintance to antihackers to the correspondent " was burnt; Money has told 27 - the summer inhabitant of Non-Black Earth Region who has received two years conditionally under item 272 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Wrongful access to the computer information ) .
With hak - the world I was acquainted by my friend when I was 19 years old. All has begun with known forums where we read how can use that or other hacker software. Deeply I have started to be involved and understand, how from a technical aspect these programs, by 23 years work. In 23 years I have received the message with the offer to buy already ready botnet for $300. And I have bought it. With its help it was possible to do DDoS - attacks which easily put the majority small the Internet - shops. I have started them to attack and offer protection for $500, by the end of month I had $7 thousand It there was a huge sum for me and for my family. I have spent a part of money for new loadings for mine botneta, and on the rest have bought clothes and the new laptop.

in half a year I had a good stable income, I also was engaged in theft (by means of already another botneta) passwords to payment systems. Separate botnet at me was for spam sending. It is strange it was time in my life: I had a lot of free time and money, I thought that life has gone right. By the end of the year I have enclosed $5 thousand in working out of a new worm which could increase considerably quantity of the infected cars in my networks. Also I was engaged farmoj - sale of counterfeit medicines.

I read about anonymity in a network much and knew how to construct the protection against investigation, therefore till now it is difficult to me to understand, how and where I was burnt. But in the end of spring late at night to me have called at a door, parents have opened - after that in all apartment light has gone out, into a room have come about eight persons. Me have removed from the computer, long spoke with parents. Have sealed up and have taken away all my technics. Almost all night long I have stayed in militia with field investigators and answered questions - it was very terrible. Me have released by the morning. I have gone home, then in the Internet - cafe and quickly deleted the accounts and adminki botnetov, tried to replace the data in domains. Also I wanted to deduce money from payment systems, but it has turned out nothing.

a week later I was caused by the inspector - was found out that I have made only worse when deleted the data. In one and a half month there was a court, and I was condemned conditionally. At first I was delighted, but then when tried to get a job the system administrator, I have understood that at me the big problems. I expected to go for work to service of information security of any company, but I not so well understood, in what exactly I will be engaged. Now I work as the manager on sales and is already far from former employment... I do not communicate with the friend, but I know that he is engaged till now farmoj also has moved to Kiev. At it while all is good.