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UAL has not passed customs inspection

Yesterday in airline office “ the Ural airlines “ representatives koltsovskoj customs accompanied by four fighters SOBRa have conducted a search and seizure of documents. According to customs officers, investigatory actions are made within the limits of criminal case investigation about contraband of spare parts for plane Airbus A320 raised still in March, 2010. In the airline an event name rejderskim capture and assert that were ready to give all necessary documents voluntary.

as the commercial director of Open Society " has told; the Ural airlines “ Cyril Skuratov, the information on visit of agents of national security was for employees of the company a bolt from the blue. “ I was at opening of exhibition Expotravel in Ekaterinburg when to me have called and have informed on visit of agents of national security. I have broken and have arrived to office after an hour “ - he has noted. As it was possible to find out to the correspondent „”, in 9. 00 local time to head office “ the Ural airlines “ located in settlement Koltsovo, 20 employees koltsovskoj customs accompanied by four armed fighters SOBRa have approached. Having shown to protection of a building business cards, they have passed in an office where there are company servers: customs officers have come into an office and have started documentation copying “ the Ural airlines “ and sobrovtsy have blocked doors. “ they copy all documents, since financial and finishing photos on “desktops“ of computers of our employees. Thus take away even from servers the information on passengers “ - mister Skuratov has told, having noticed that agents of national security “ behave correctly “. Nevertheless, in opinion a top - the manager, actions of customs officers are very similar on rejdersky capture. “ it as greetings from 90 - h. Not clearly, for what it was required to arrange the power action if the company management was ready to give voluntary any documents under the first requirement “ - the lawyer representing interests of the company, Valery Zarechnov has added.

In the customs declare that operate in strict conformity with the current legislation and any claims directly to a management “ the Ural airlines “ have no. “ searches pass in frameworks of investigation of the criminal case raised on March, 17th, 2010 on p.1. Item 188 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Contraband “) . It is a question of possible import in June, 2009 of spare parts for the foreign aircraft maintained “ the Ural airlines “ cost more than 3 million roubles (in 2009 the company has stage by stage received 10 planes Airbus A320 in operational leasing, delivery of two more planes in 2010 and seven in 2012 - 2014 is planned. - „”).

“ investigatory actions which should or confirm the fact of are now spent that all documentation on this zapchast has been submitted in full, or to reveal the additional documents confirming opinion of a consequence (a legal investigation the customs is engaged directly koltsovskaja) “ - mister Abrosimov has specified. As he said, attraction of employees SOBRa for search carrying out - “ standard procedure which is used at all spent investigatory actions “.

Problems with customs at “ the Ural airlines “ have arisen about one year back. So, in arbitration court of Sverdlovsk area the company has challenged donachislenija customs payments for put planes Airbus A321. As appears from business materials, the company has got three planes Airbus for the sum 2,347 mlrd roubles, having specified it in the customs declaration. However customs officers have considered that the sum is underestimated on 10,8 million roubles as cost of services in vessel insurance has not been included in it, to painting and drawing of firm attributes and so forth the Arbitration recognised donachislenie taxes as illegal. “ in total at us similar affairs in arbitration has passed about five, and all of us it is won. Probably, the search is an attempt to find though any infringements to initiate new affairs in the relation of our airline. We have already addressed in the Ural transport Office of Public Prosecutor with the request to state an estimation to customs actions “ - mister Skuratov speaks. Yesterday in office “ the Ural airlines “ There has arrived also the transport public prosecutor of Sverdlovsk transport Office of Public Prosecutor Maxim Grishaev who promised to employees of the company to sound conclusions about legality of actions of customs officers next week.

it is necessary to notice that claims of customs officers to the airlines buying foreign planes, happened and earlier. So, in August, 2009 the Novosibirsk operative customs has spent searches at airline S7 Airlines office (were “ Siberia “) which was suspected of understating of customs payments at purchases of planes. However till now there is no information on excitation of criminal cases.