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Frits Lang

Die Spinnen 1919 - 1920

In Fritsa Lang`s film historians of cinema see a sketch of its masterpiece about the parallel power Doctor Mabuze, the player (1922), for the present - without Mabuze. Under secular masks disappear spiders - members of a universal gang over which Lio Sha (Ressel of the Eagle) with effectively bared shoulders bosses. In the best scene the chamber removes a roof from their staff - the Steel house offices of plots, murders, blackmail. But in the rest it is an exemplary film - the feuilleton, bulvarshchina in which all possible exotic is added. From the letter in a bottle superman Kej Hug (Charles de Fogt) learns about treasures inkov. Inki, without noticing that on a court yard the XX-th century, the rituals celebrate. The diamond head of the Buddha should release in the magic image Asia from colonizers. Pursuits by trains, balloons, planes. Parachute jumps. Action skips from yachts - club in Los - Andzhelese on the Wild West, Falklands, in Peru. Tigers guard disguised under kurilnju opium the underground house in Hong Kong. In general as Igor Severjanin wrote, from Moscow in Nagasaki,/ from New York to Mars .