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Sergey Storchak has not read up

Yesterday the deputy minister of the finance of the Russian Federation Sergey Storchak and its lawyers have finished process of acquaintance with criminal case materials, according to which official attempt at plunder from the budget $43,4 million lawyers is incriminated Now are going to declare various petitions within the limits of the bill of particulars, including the criminal case termination. After their consideration the bill of particulars will be directed for the statement to Office of Public Prosecutor with the subsequent transfer of business to court. Lawyers of mister Storchaka believe that it will be made till October, 20th, that is before removal by decision arbitration court under Joint-Stock Company claim Sodeksim to the Ministry of Finance about a debt recognition for the above-stated sum.
as well as has ordered us court, yesterday we have finished acquaintance with criminal case materials. But as us have limited in terms we have made it not in full - has declared The lawyer of the deputy minister of the finance Andrey Romashov. We will remind that on October, 4th Basmanny Court of Moscow, having satisfied the petition of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation, has obliged the deputy minister of the finance of Russia Sergey Storchaka to finish acquaintance with materials of the criminal case not later than October, 8th, 2010. According to SKP, mister Storchak tightened acquaintance, hoping that arbitration court where the claim " is now considered; Sodeksima to the Ministry of Finance about a debt recognition for the sum incriminated to it of $43,4 million, the decision will pass earlier, than criminal case will arrive in court and then this business should be stopped.

on versions of the investigation, Joint-Stock Company Sodeksim delivering various including medical, the equipment in Third World countries, in 2000 bought up debts of the various countries before one of the enterprises domestic VPK. As one of debtors Algeria in which this enterprise delivered the weapon acted. On June, 2nd, 2006 Russia ratified the agreement with Algeria, providing write-off of a debt at a rate of $4,737 mlrd under the future purchase by this country of Russian production for the same sum. After that the head Sodeksima Victor Zaharov has addressed in the Ministry of Finance of Russia with the requirement to settle and the debt which has got to it. After long negotiations the question has been solved by deputy minister Storchakom: demanded Sodeksimom the sum should arrive into company accounts in Inter-regional investment bank (MrIB). However during the latest moment a debt before Sodeksimom has caused questions in employees of FSB by which calculations the sum to payment has been overestimated on $43,4 million Explanation of the businessman that is percent and the fines which have run to the basic amount of debt, employees of FSB have not satisfied, and those have transferred materials in SKP. All involved in the transaction have detained in November, 2007, soon it had been brought accusation on ch. 4 items 159 criminal codes of Russian Federation ( Swindle ) .

Now, when Sergey Storchak and other figurants of this business (the general director Sodeksima Victor Zaharov and president MrIba Vadim of Wolves; business of the councillor of directors of MrIba Igor Krugljakova in connection with its illness is allocated in separate manufacture), and also their protection have put the signatures under the bill of particulars, at them, according to the law, there is time for giving of various petitions.

according to lawyer Romashova, it and its client Sergey Storchak intend to petition for the termination of criminal case in the absence of crime event, about inclusion in the bill of particulars of proofs of protection, the materials of help character denying arguments of a consequence, and also a recognition of some proofs the inadmissible. The consequence has extracted which arguments with infringement UPK, mister Romashov did not begin to specify, having referred to the subscription given to it about nondisclosure of materials of business. If our petitions satisfy, business neither in Office of Public Prosecutor, nor to court will not go, - has declared mister Romashov. - But we realists also think that it will occur till October, 20th, that is to the arbitration court decision under the claim Sodeksima to the Ministry of Finance .

the Defender of mister Storchaka has informed that one of these days has received the answer from the head of an investigation team on Anatoly Iskantseva`s this business on the request to stop criminal case concerning the deputy minister of the finance in connection with the definitions taken out by arbitration court. the first concerns recognitions for Sodeksimom the rights to the requirement of money and a recognition its appropriate claimant with what inspectors do not agree. In the second the arbitration court in rezoljutivnoj has offered parts to the parties - to the claimant and the respondent - to the Ministry of Finance - to settle the relations extrajudicially. Mister Iskantsev has answered it that definition of arbitration court has prejuditsialnoj no force as is not the total judicial certificate. But further he recognises that the judgement can be that only. We will wait, remains very little - lawyer Romashov has added.