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Requirements - business the ninth

KES - the Holding has chosen the general designer for reconstruction of one of the largest power stations in Perm - thermal power station - 9. To them became Moscow “ Institute Teploelektroproekt “. Thus power finish preparation for reconstruction after which capacity of station will be increased on 165 MVt. In the fourth quarter 2012 they plan to place object in operation. Meanwhile till now precisely it is not clear, whether these capacities will be claimed. As the basic consumer of thermal power station - 9 - “ LUKOIL - Permnefteorgsintez “ still has not sounded the final decision: to build own power station or not, and other big client - chemical industrial complex “ Mineral fertilizers “ has mentioned about the project of own generation.

as it became known „“, the designer of reconstruction of thermal power station - 9 chooses Open Society branch “ the Engineering centre of EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY “ - “ Institute Teploelektroproekt “. The same institute was the general designer and at building of existing station. Everything, by data „“, on competition among contractors five companies were declared. Competition on a choice of the supplier of the power equipment is now declared.

thermal power station reconstruction - 9 assumes building parogazovoj installations with installation of the gas turbine by capacity 165 MVt, have explained „“ in KES. Thus, capacity will be increased with present 447 to 612 MVt (by 36 %). The increase in capacities of thermal power station - 9 is already put in investment program KES - Holding. According to sources „“, by a tentative estimation, this project can cost KES an order 7,5 mlrd rbl. According to plan of power should place object in operation in the fourth quarter 2012.

the Perm thermal power station - 9 - one of the largest power stations of Perm (enters in TGK - 9, copes a battalion “ Generation of Ural Mountains “) It is started in 1957. It was created for needs of the Perm oil refining industrial complex (now “ LUKOIL - Permnefteorgsintez “) . Other basic consumers - “ Mineral fertilizers “ “ SIBUR - Himprom “ “ Permneftegazpererabotka “. Also the thermal power station - 9 supplies with heat of an order of 150 thousand inhabitants of Industrial, Lenin and Dzerzhinsky areas of Perm. The established capacity of station - 447 MVt. Increase in its capacity have stopped in 1982.

“ it is important to notice that input of new capacities on the Perm thermal power station - 6 (124 MVt in 2011) and thermal power station - 9 will be carried out within the limits of confirmed by the government of the Russian Federation of the list of objects, obligatory to building under the contract on capacity granting (DPM). Projects which realises Joint-Stock Company “ΚέΡ“, will allow to raise reliability of power supply and had capacity, and then and completely to cover perspective loadings of the enterprises of Osentsovsky industrial knot - Open Society „Mineral fertilizers“, Joint-Stock Company „SIBUR - Himprom“, Open Company „LUKOIL - PNOS“ and others. At start of projects requirements of these power consumers " first of all were considered; - have explained „“ in a press - battalion service “ Generation of Ural Mountains “.

In the meantime while up to the end it is not clear, whether new capacities will be claimed. The matter is that “ LUKOIL - PNOS “ and has not given officially definitive answer, whether will build own power station. Oil industry workers have planned its building for the needs (to 70 MVt) still two years ago. If they have made it the thermal power station - 9 would lose the major customer (from 447 MVt “ LUKOIL “ consumes approximately 110 MVt). In the end of the last year in “ LUKOIL “ have informed that, most likely, will refuse own project provided that capacities of thermal power station - 9 will be increased. Yesterday in the company could not inform the final decision operatively.

it is not solved while a question and with volumes of consumption of other client of thermal power station - 9 - chemical industrial complex “ Mineral fertilizers “. Open Society “ Mineral fertilizers “ also plans building of own power centre. As the general director of joint-stock company Gennady Shilov has informed „“, there are two variants: building of lowering substation, which will allow to use LEP in 110 kw for maintenance of uninterrupted consumption to leave from intermediaries, and also building of two gazoturbinnyh installations (GTU) total capacity 8 MVt. GTU it is planned to use as reserve capacities. The general consumption of factory - 14 MVt. Building of the power centre “ Minudobreny “ it is included in the project of the investment program till 2013. Thus the chemical industrial complex hopes to provide uninterrupted transfer of the electric power to the enterprise, and also to lower cost of expenses for power resources. “ it is always favourable to have the. It allows to lower essentially production cost “ - Gennady Shilov summarises.