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Objects sotskultnesbyta

Process on transfer of welfare projects FKP the Perm powder mill (PPZ) administrations of Perm has actually stopped. Blanks in the legislation which prevent Rosimushchestvu to co-ordinate transfer of objects of the state enterprise became the reason for that. Meanwhile the administration has already executed the part of the contract, having written off the enterprise debts at a rate of more 120 million rbl. on account of object reception. However, experts do not doubt that problems with transfer of palace of culture are surmountable.

Rosimushchestvo, the proprietor of the Perm powder mill, has not made till now the decision on welfare projects of the defensive enterprise. As has told a source close to PPZ, to the provincial authorities the answer from Rosimushchestva on the letter of the governor of the Perm edge of Oleg Chirkunova which in the end of summer has addressed to federal department with the offer has come to accelerate process on transfer to the municipal property of a recreation centre of a name of Kirov. As assures a source, in the reciprocal letter of Rosimushchestvo refers to position about department in which there was ostensibly missed a point that its officials can make decisions on the federal state enterprises (FKP) what is PPZ.

As has explained and. The island of the chief terupravlenija Rosimushchestva on the Perm edge Galina Postanogova, really is opinion that property of the state enterprises the government of the Russian Federation operates exclusively, instead of federal authority bodies - Minpromtorg and Rosimushchestvo. As the state enterprise is other kind rather than unitary, there is a position that them the government operates directly. While there is no understanding of the legislation in this question, therefore Rosimushchestvo has addressed for explanations in Ministry of economic development and trade. Under my information, the answer is not received - madam Postanogova has explained. It also could not predict, how much long the decision of this question can drag out process of assignation FKP.

we Will remind, last year PPZ has informed on possible sale of objects sotsstruktury factory, among which sport centre Prikamye Palace of culture of a name of Kirov and culture Children`s home. Such decision at factory explained that the mayoralty does not carry out obligations of the prisoner in the beginning of 2009 of the agreement on re-structuring of a debt of the enterprise before the city budget. On its conditions PPZ incurred the obligation to enclose in maintenance sotskultbyta more 214 million rbl. In exchange municipality should write off debts under local taxes then the sum made about 96,6 million rbl. (taking into account a fine and penalties - 128 million rbl.) . Have agreed about transfer to the municipal property of a recreation centre of a name of Kirov past winter of the party. The culture children`s home is arrested by court enforcement officers and under the decision of the parties should be sold on account of repayment of accounts payable PPZ. And the sport centre factory has agreed to rent the mayoralties. In April all documents have been sent on the coordination in Rosimushchestvo, however the answer from department till now has not arrived. In the meantime workers of palace of culture have been dismissed. On September, 1st the mugs earlier operating in a palace, have started to work, but already on a paid basis. It is necessary to notice that at last session gordumy the head of department of the finance of city administration Elena Chugarina has informed that the debt to powder mill will be written off at the expense of transfer of palace of culture. And the head of Perm Igor Shubin has declared that the transaction is in a finishing stage.

deputies gordumy consider that, despite the arisen difficulties, this question sooner or later will be solved. I specially at last session of a thought lifted this theme. Us have assured that conditions of the agreement from our party are already executed. Anyway easier so to write off debts to powder mill gathers nobody. And they will be written off in exchange for a palace - deputy Maxim Tebelev has informed. Deputy Arsene Bolkvadze also considers that the palace will be sooner or later municipal. it is clear that processes of assignation federal in the municipal property dare not every day, therefore there there can be any delays. But all levels are connected to the decision of this question from the head of area to the governor already. Therefore sooner or later this question should dare - mister Bolkvadze considers.

Eks - the general director of powder mill Gennady Kuzmitsky also considers that absolute obstacles for transfer of objects does not exist . I do not know, what for this process tighten, probably, do not want to work over it - the mister Kuzmitsky has noticed. He has noticed that, in a case if Rosimushchestva will not have not enough powers for transfer of objects, it can be made the governmental order. The similar situation at factory already was ten years ago. Then by transfer of available housing of the enterprise the special governmental order prepared. However the mister Kuzmitsky has specified what to issue such document difficult enough and hardly in the decision it is possible to include only one object. most likely, it is necessary to include all complex in the decision sotskultbyta. Hardly such document can be done only for pass of one recreation centre - the mister Kuzmitsky has noted.