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The Office of Public Prosecutor takes out rubbish from range

Office of Public Prosecutor of the Perm edge, after three years after the contract conclusion on building in Krasnokamsk area musorosortirovochnogo a complex on recycling of 30 thousand tons TBO in a year, tries to challenge it through court. According to supervising body, the party have broken the law on concession, having transferred in gratuitous using the ground area. As it has appeared, local authorities thus wanted to lower cost of services.

the regional Office of Public Prosecutor has addressed in arbitration court of edge with the claim to administration of Krasnokamsk municipal area and the Perm Open Company Bumatika about a recognition void the contract concluded between Krasnokamsk administration and Bumatikoj on building musorosortirovochnogo a complex. According to the project of the statement of claim (is available on hand ), the supervising body considers that the parties have broken FZ About kontsessionnyh agreements and a number of other statutory acts. In particular, the municipal contract does not provide kontsessionnaja a payment, and the property right to reconstructed objects of real estate in law infringement arises proportionally to a dale of the enclosed property. Besides, as the Office of Public Prosecutor, the ground area considers as the area of 3,041 hectares in 10 km from Krasnokamsk, transferred to Open Company Bumatika in time possession and using under the lease contract of the ground area from October, 16th, 2008 133, concerns a category of the earths of agricultural purpose and has not been translated in other category of the earths in the order established by the law.

the range located in 10 km to the north of Krasnokamsk on partially fulfilled open-cast mine of brick clay, is the third dump where are buried Perm TBO besides the largest - in Safronah and range in BUT Star. It has been constructed on means of regional and regional budgets in 2007 instead of the similar object which has developed the resource. The range is calculated on a burial place of 520 thousand tons of a waste within 20 years of operation. Then the range has been rented for ten years to the Perm Open Company Bumatika with a building condition musorosortirovochnogo a complex. Rbl. complex in cost of 33 million has been started up in operation in 2008.

as the co-owner of Open Company " has explained ; Bumatika Andrey Epishin, the ground area under burial place TBO has been transferred the company in gratuitous using under the municipality decision in October, 2008. local authorities have considered that thus the tariff for services in recycling TBO for local residents becomes less - mister Epishin explains. So, according to the decision of the Regional power commission, recycling not sorted TBO for Open Company consumers Bumatika since February, 1st, 2010 for one cubic metre makes 112,37 rbl. mister Epishin has informed that does not know about the judicial claim of Office of Public Prosecutor.

In administration of Krasnokamsk municipal area have declared that prepare for judicial session. According to Sergey Koksharova, the director of committee for preservation of the environment of administration of Krasnokamsk, the range is vital for municipal area and Perm including: it is more than half of waste on it arrives from the regional centre. Thanks to range input in operation, and also to carrying out of a series of actions for reduction of quantity of dumps, the index of pollution of atmosphere in Krasnokamsk began to decrease essentially. So, this year it has made three points while three years ago it was up to standard of eight points.

it is necessary to notice that in Perm already there is an experience of rent by the private company of a site under range TBO at municipality. Since 2005 of Open Company the Pure city rents at administration BUT the Star site in 9 hectares, later in rent was one more site in 41 hectares is taken. The general director of Open Company the Pure city Andrey Grigoriev has found it difficult to state an estimation to the claim of Office of Public Prosecutor. Thus he has informed that its company pays a rent for both sites, the size of a payment is established by standard documents, and sites are taken away under range TBO.