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As it became known the state expert appraisal Central administrative board has the day before co-ordinated the project 403 - metre gazpromovskogo a skyscraper Okhta - the centre in St.-Petersburg, having liquidated last national barrier to reception of the permission to its building. Now a question on scandalous building be definitive can it is solved only at the higher political level.
under control oil Gazprom Joint-Stock Company Socially - business centre Okhta (ODTS) has received the positive decision of Glavgosekspertizy under the project 403 - a metre skyscraper Okhta - the centre opposite to Smolnogo of a monastery in St.-Petersburg. About it yesterday have told at once some sources in ODTS. Officially on this information yesterday did not make comments neither in most ODTS, nor in Glavgosekspertize, in higher Minregione over it. The co-ordinator of communication projects Gazprom Vladimir Gronsky has declared that while any comments are premature .

However sources in ODTS have specified that the project has been co-ordinated by federal department on October, 7th - last day the three-monthly term released on its consideration.

under the Russian legislation the positive conclusion of Glavgosekspertizy is the key document, which along with the government of St.-Petersburg given out one year ago the permission to tenfold excess by co-ordinated Rosohrankulturoj of limiting height of building on a site Okhta - the centre gives the chance to the builder to receive the skyscraper building licence. And procedure of reception of such permission is technical - subordinated Smolnomu service Gosstrojnadzora should give out it within ten days in the presence of a full package of documents.

Already in the near future all provided by the Russian and Petersburg legislation of formality will be observed, and the question on scandalous building definitively can be solved only at the higher political level. We will remind, in August on 34 - j sessions of Committee of the world heritage of UNESCO the decision on carrying out of the international examination of the project " was accepted; Okhta - the centre and the recommendation to the Russian authorities not to begin without it building. Thus the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed intention to carry out of all international obligations of Russia on cultural heritage preservation, having notified UNESCO on a corresponding position of president Dmitry Medvedev. According to the head of committee of protection of monuments of Smolnogo Very Dementevoj, concrete steps on carrying out of the international examination of the project of a skyscraper are not undertaken yet. The mister Gronsky has promised yesterday that customers Okhta - the centre will continue interaction with the city authorities and UNESCO .

In the meantime defenders of a city have won the next victory in struggle against a scandalous tower. Yesterday the committee on the legislation of the Petersburg Legislative Assembly (ZS) recognised as proved arrived in ZS the requirement of the public prosecutor of a city of Sergey Zajtseva to change the city law About an order of the organisation and carrying out of public hearings and population informings at realisation of town-planning activity in St.-Petersburg . After a year after unsuccessful attempts of townspeople to challenge carried out Smolnym of hearing on Okhta - to the centre Office of Public Prosecutor, according to arrived in the order to the letter of mister Zajtseva, has revealed in the procedure of hearings regulated by the law korruptsiogennye factors also has demanded them to eliminate.

the Head of committee of legislation ZS Vitaly Milonov has confirmed that its committee completely agree with a position of Office of Public Prosecutor about necessity to eliminate the norms allowing officials to accept subjective decisions however the deputy believes that a retroactive effect for contest of coordination Okhta - the centre correction of the law will not have.

as has informed yesterday the active worker gradozashchitnogo movements Olga Andronov, are in courts of law about five not complete litigations, in which opponents Okhta - the centre challenge legality of the spent hearings and their results forged, according to applicants, the city authorities. Infringements at hearings also have laid down in a basis of three complaints in the Constitutional court and seven arrived complaints in the European court under human rights (ESPCH) which are not considered till now. Simultaneously defenders of a city intend to continue struggle in courts and on others admitted, in their opinion, law infringements at the coordination gazpromovskoj towers. Today in St.-Petersburg will pass the March for city preservation on which active workers intend to collect signatures for the reference in ESPCH with the request to inform the government of the Russian Federation on the arrived complaints and to warn that in case of their satisfaction Russia should return located on a site Okhta - the centre object istoriko - a cultural heritage in an initial condition. Defenders of a city hope that ESPCH thus can prevent the beginning of building of a tower to a legal investigation in essence. Deputy ZS Alexey Kovalev yesterday in the comment has declared that the coordination Okhta - the centre Glavgosekspertizoj becomes The next certificate of administrative pressure and legal nihilism and stop tower building only active intervention of the international community " can;.