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Dik the Lawyer has played all structure

Russian national team on Friday has gained, probably, one of key victories in an European championship qualifying tournament - 2012. The Most part of an exit meeting with Ireland Russians frankly changed the contender, in the beginning of the second time having finished a difference in the account to 3:0. However final naval the Irish, allowed them to a minimum to reduce backlog - 2:3, has greased favorable impression of a play of the team of Dika of the Lawyer.
it is surprising, but after defeat with the minimum account from Russian national team the Irish press and football players have agreed in opinion that their national team, in a meeting ending hardly not evened up scores, did not deserve even a drawn game. Newspaper Irish Independent, for example, has considered that two hammered goals only have rescued Ireland from humiliation and halfback Glenn Uilan has gone further, directly having declared that it and its partners in a national team have received a good kick . Considering the slippery total account, the similar self-estimation, at first sight, can seem unduly rigid, but on Friday Russian national team really most part of a meeting dominated in the field of the Irish stadium Aviva .

Russians, perhaps, have led the best match under the direction of Dika of the Lawyer. Anyway, such impression has developed at football players. In particular, at the leader and captain Andrey Arshavina who has told that the match with Ireland became for a new national team while to the most successful in the game plan. For the first time since triumph of Russians in the European championship of 2008 it was pleasant to observe of their actions. The half-backs of our command collected in basic from zenitovtsev, lined a field in tens verified transfers, providing total control of a ball and lightning transition from defence in attack. And Alexander Kerzhakov who has come back to a command since first minutes of a match has forced to regret that this explosive, constantly aimed at gate attacking was not in a meeting with Slovaks.

apparently, Diku to the Lawyer was possible to find optimum structure of which any player including Alan Dzagoev did not drop out, recently ceased to pass in a basis CSKA. At times the graceful multirunning combinations including on some transfers to one contact, the best samples of game of a national team hiddinkovskogo convocation very reminded. For example, Alexander Kerzhakova`s first goal was similar to a goal hammered by Russians to Greeks in last European championship: Sergey Ignashevich in a desperate jump blow through itself has returned in penal a leaving ball which became an easy mark of the forward Zenith . In an episode with the second goal Russians have played even more skilfully: Alexander Anjukov has executed an excellent lumbago in penal on Kerzhakova which have riveted on attention of all Irish defenders. However instead of arising blow the attacking has witty passed a ball, having allowed Alan Dzagoevu to shoot free Sheja Givena.

However, after a match the president of the Russian football union Sergey Fursenko has placed accents on - to other: Guus Hiddink has simply developed that game which in due time has put to Zenith Dik the Lawyer. Compare these two commands, and you will find much in common, since executors and finishing the tactical scheme .

Against the actions of Russians of attempt of Irish debugged to trifles at least to press a ball to a lawn looked frankly helplessly. The owners, first decided to play the first number, have failed in all respects: They had not time to be hooked for a ball near Igor Akinfeeva`s gate, to return to defence, leaving sluggish and slow defenders on sacrifice to a bright attack of Russian national team.

however when Irish in the middle of the second time have returned to more habitual game - simple zabrosam in another`s penal of any point of a field, - this plain tactics has unexpectedly yielded result. Russians have appeared are not ready to such primitive pressure and marvellously have quickly lost control over a situation. For six minutes Irish have twice punched defence of Russians and thanks to final navalu could even rescue a match.

but nevertheless if to reject last 20 minutes of a match in Dublin, game day for Russians has developed as well as possible. In addition to an exit victory over one of the basic competitors on selection group Russian national team has received an unexpected gift from a command of Armenia which has beaten on the home field Slovakia (the material see the same page). Tomorrow Russian national team while going the second, and at all can leave in leaders. After all in following round in which Russians will play Skopje with Macedonia, its basic contenders - Slovaks and Irish - will meet among themselves. So, someone from them (or in general both) will inevitably lose points.