Rus News Journal

For that do you wait from forthcoming week?

Vasily Gvozdev,

the speaker Ulyanovsk city


- forthcoming week we plan to continue realisation of projects and initiatives under target programs, including the project the Healthy city . Also repair of heating systems of a city will be carried out. In plans work of the commission and committees on the project of distribution of the city budget is registered.

Yury Parotkin,

the chief executive of the Union of employers of the Samara region:

- On Wednesday, on October, 13th, in Moscow board meeting of the union of industrialists and businessmen on which I plan to be present will take place. The most important, in my opinion, is the question on change of level of direct and indirect loading on the Russian society during the postcrisis period. Including questions about practical energosberegaemosti and about details of carrying out of week of business in Russia will be considered.

Alexander Kurylin,

the mayor of Zhigulevsk (Samara region):

- next week very responsible work is necessary to us. We learn names of the selected deputies of a municipal duma. I will need to declare the first session gordumy and to begin work in new structure.

Andrey Kuprikov,

the General director of Joint-Stock Company Institute Volgogradgrazhdanproekt :

- the meeting with vitse - prime minister Vladimir Putin on which, work questions of development of small and average business will be discussed with natural monopolies will be very expected. I wait for discussion of questions on protection of small-scale business and about new calculation of taxes.

Andrey Danilov,

the chairman of Guild of the enterprises and businessmen in sphere of passenger transportations by motor transport of Saratov:

- next week I wait for the decision on increase of tariffs for journey in trams and trolley buses. The difference between fare in routeing transport and tramvajno - trolleybus system is very great, we frequently do not have means for repair and service of the given types of transport. Therefore I hope for decision-making on increase of tariffs.

Alexander Kruglikov,

the deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk region (Communist Party of the Russian Federation):

- On Tuesday I plan to go to Dimitrovgrad to check a question on Dimitrovgradsky printing house. I expect a meeting with group of deputies and labour collective which opposes divisions of the given enterprise. I will promote in every possible way to that the power and the people have come to unity in sights at the given problem. This Sunday I plan to be present on elections at Syzran for control of their carrying out on polling districts.

Michael Degtyaryov,

the co-ordinator of the Samara regional branch of LDPR:

- I wait for the election campaign termination at elections of deputies of the Duma of Samara, the Mayor and other elective campaigns. I will congratulate still the chief of a staff of LDPR in Michael Usova`s Right bank on a birth of the son. From - for elections of it to make this week to us it was not possible.

Oleg Bolotin,

the deputy of the Volgograd regional thought ( Fair Russia ) :

- Forthcoming week I plan to devote to work with references and complaints of citizens, to direct them to city and provincial thoughts, and also in other instances for the purpose of their acquaintance with the questions arising at the population.