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Smertnitsy have stepped out

As it became known the sensational case about grouping of shahids which disclosing the National antiterrorist committee declared in the middle of July has collapsed. From eight prospective participants of grouping under guards there were only two, and they under court will be given only for illegal storage of the weapon.
in Dagestan the whole grouping smertnits the National antiterrorist committee (NAK) has informed Russia on detention on July, 12th. From statement NAK followed that special services have received the information that in Makhachkala the bandit underground conducts preparation for fulfilment of acts of terrorism with use smertnits in territory of the central part of Russia. as a result of exact and timely actions of divisions of FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in one of houses has been detained six women at the age from 15 till 29 years and two men. Four of the detained women were widows neutralised before leaders of the gangster underground, two - were involved earlier in a criminal liability for storage of the weapon and were registered on missing persons - it was told in message NAK. And one of the detained men as confirmed in NAK, was suspected of participation in the acts of terrorism made on March, 29th in the Moscow underground. Ostensibly it accompanied smertnits, blown up at stations Lubjanka and culture Park .

During a search to the address where there were suspects, two pistols of Makarova, two belts, " have been found out and withdrawn; which can be used for fulfilment of act of terrorism by self-blasting a considerable quantity of subjects for appearance change, the religious literature on jihad, notebooks with numbers of cars of law enforcement officers . Besides, farewell letters are withdrawn from arrested persons to relatives in whom the desire to say goodbye to life is expressed and manuals on their way " are allowed to sisters to follow; - have specified in NAK. The investigatory department of management of FSB of Russia across Dagestan has brought concerning arrested persons criminal case on p.1 item 30 ( Preparation for a crime ) and the item and ch. 2 items 205 ( Terrorism ) .

the Dagestan legal experts have declared this very day that NAK has obviously hurried, declaring the prevented acts of terrorism. Moreover, it was found out that during special action in Makhachkala eight persons, and ten have detained not.

four of them, Sakinat Saidovu (the widow killed in September, 2008 amira Dagestan Ilgara Mollachieva), Ajshu Makasharipovu (the sister of the leader killed in July, 2005 dzhamaata Sheriyat Rasula Makasharipova), to Zajnab Magomedov and Fatimu Radzhabovu, have released in three days under the guarantee of the head of public organisation Legal assistance Gjulnary Rustamovoj.

Term of holding in custody to six more arrested persons - Patimat Nurmagomedovoj, Madine Gadzhievoj, Gamzatu Abdulaevu, Maratu Shihshaidovu, Zaline Alievoj and Zaire Akaevoj - has been prolonged by court for 30 days. Four from them, having stayed the put term, left under a subscription about nevyezde, and the consequence has left them alone.

Charge has been shown only Zaire by Akaevoj (widow Magomeda Ismailov, killed in November, 2009 at an attack on the chief of SOBRa Shapigullu Aligadzhieva) - in illegal storage of the weapon and Maratu Shihshaidovu - to it incriminated preparation of an act of terrorism (item 30 and 205 criminal codes of Russian Federation). And that because on its clothes examination has found out traces geksogena (according to sources in law enforcement bodies, to explosions in the underground it has appeared is not privy). However, according to sources in FSB, a consequence already plans to retrain its charge on item 222 UK - Illegal storage of the weapon .

About the accused have what relation to the found weapon and ammunition, lawyers to speak had no right - they have given a subscription about nondisclosure as item 205 of the criminal code of Russian Federation appears in business.

Apparently, from numerous grouping of shahids before court will appear only Shihshaidov and Akaeva. Last Recently Soviet regional court of Makhachkala has prolonged holding in custody term for two months. However, according to its lawyer Mahacha Guchuchalieva, for the last month it has not been spent any serious investigatory action. field investigators have subtilized, having reported at least about six smertnitsah, two shahid`s belts and agonal notes, - mister Guchuchaliev has commented on business. - NAK declared it all over the country, and inspectors had to disentangle it. A problem that for similar charges there were no bases, and business in the relation of suspects should be stopped for a long time .

At the same time in the decision about prolongation of term of holding in custody judge Madina Omarova quotes the petition of the senior inspector on especially important issues of investigatory department UFSB of Russia across Dagestan. As it on - former affirms that within the limits of preparation for fulfilment of acts of terrorism by members NVF some suicide bombers who have entered illegal armed formations have been prepared and within a month had training corresponding preparation and psychological processing as a part of bandit group Israpila Validzhanova (Validzhanov, it amir Hasan, is, according to NAK, the leader juzhdagovskoj groups and also ordering Dagestan front and valiem Dagestan ) On base in a large forest of Derbent area, whence in the beginning of July, 2010 have arrived to Makhachkala where disappear on various secret apartments and expect the further instructions . Further the inspector informed on detection in the place of residence Zairy Akaevoj in apartment of the many-storeyed house under the prospectus of Akushinsky two pistols of Makarova with the equipped shops, belts with three pomegranates F - 1 with fuses, 49 cartridges of calibre of 9 mm, belts - the unloadings, two female wigs, Akaevoj Z.B.`s wills and the religious literature. Giving reason for necessity of prolongation of term of the maintenance accused under guards, the inspector has specified among the other reasons even necessity to establish Validzhanova I. G`s site and to make with its participation investigatory actions.

any fact at least indirectly confirming the statements about preparation in camp smertnits, in business is not present, - lawyer Guchuchaliev has told. - Nevertheless the judge has not found time even to ask, on what similar conclusions " are based;.

the next weeks, the lawyers, collapsed " predict; business of shahids will reach court, and two figurants should answer only for illegal storage of the weapon.