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The Head of Kalininsky area of the Saratov region Alexander Galanin is excluded at party desire

excluded from numbers an United Russia . Such decision was accepted by presidium of regional political council of party, having considered that the official has broken carrying out prajmeriz at elections in district meeting - they will pass in March, 2011. Mister Galanin is assured that members of the same party have found a good occasion for approaching personnel rotation also has declared intention to stand for local meeting, but already as the self-promoted worker.
as it became known , at the session which has passed in the past Thursday of presidium of the Saratov regional political council an United Russia powers of Kalininsky local political council of party are stopped. And the head of area Alexander Galanin has been excluded from party numbers. Fault to it it is made failure prajmeriz at elections in regional meeting of deputies (they will pass in March, 2011).

As chapter regional kontrolno - a revision committee regpolitsoveta has told , the deputy of a regional thought Galina Komkova, promotion of candidates on prajmeriz passed till September, 21st. The party charter assumes that any United Russia party member or the supporter of party could propose the nominee on prajmeriz on each of 15 districts where he has decided to stand for regional council. At desire candidates could be exposed on inner-party voting by all to 15 districts or by a part from them - the charter it is authorised.

and has arrived nearby 10 kalininskih the United Russia party members who have written the application on prajmeriz on 4 - to 5 districts. The local political council has confirmed this list in the end of September then mister Galanin initiated carrying out of two more political councils. There it has pressed through two illegal the decisions, contradicting the party charter. The number of participants prajmeriz has been sharply limited (each participant of inner-party voting now could stand only on one district), and from the list of candidates as unworthy five influential United Russia party members have been excluded. Among them head of administration Kalininska Alexey Petaev, and also members of local political council Victor Volodin, Maxim Rjaboshkapov, Stanislav Fomin and Valery Birjultsov. The indignant United Russia party members have addressed for the help to head regpolitsoveta to Valery Radaevu.

I have arrived in Kalininsk to clear a situation and whenever possible to find the conciliatory proposal, - madam Komkova has explained . - But to hold session of local political council it was not possible: from 23 members has come five (under our information, mister Galanin has preliminary informed members of the same party about it to cancellation ) And the head of administration has not wanted to communicate with us, in a pointed manner having left meeting . As the conflict and has not been resolved on a place, in it, under the charter, the presidium regpolitsoveta which has made the decision on an exception of the head of administration from party and on the statement of the initial list of candidates on prajmeriz has interfered.

For me and remains not clear why the head of area has not given to the members of the same party of possibility to try the forces on elections, - madam Komkova speaks. - If you are assured, what in area for you will vote also you will win the majority of districts why so you are afraid of a competition?

Alexander Galanin has declared that any infringements at drawing up of the list did not make, and only has expressed the opinion which has dispersed from opinion of party . The dismissal from party numbers the head of area has connected with desire of members of the same party to spend rotation of shots And to put on its place the person . And I, probably, a strong figure. Has worked the head of area of 5 years, now want to move, that did not disturb, - mister Galanin has assumed. - I will not be to argue with anybody on anybody to complain. Now at me hands are untied, I can go as the self-promoted worker to any of 15 districts .