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Criminal case concerning the criminal group which were engaged in illegal bank activity, is transferred in the Volgograd garrison military court. On a dock have appeared the former employee UFSB across the Volgograd region and three inhabitants of region. According to the investigation, the total turnover of the money resources which have passed through the accounts of firms organised by them - a something ephemeral, makes nearby 1 mlrd roubles.
in the Volgograd garrison military court criminal case on charge in the relation of the criminal group which were engaged in illegal cashing in of money resources is transferred. Representatives of law enforcement bodies assert that the total turnover of the money resources spent through the accounts of firms - a something ephemeral, makes nearby 1 mlrd roubles. Among four Managements of FSB accused the former employee across the Volgograd region Victor Plehanov and three townsmen Volga the Volgograd region - Matvej of Carps, Anna Simonov and Ivan Rudenko. The bill of particulars is confirmed by military public prosecutor Povolzhsko - the Ural Military District Sergey Sypachevym.

we Will remind, the consequence has begun, when the spring of 2008 field investigators UFSB had been detained on a traffic police post the automobile car in which luggage carrier there were 117 million roubles cash. Interrogated as suspected the person, transporting a cash, have shown that protection to them is rendered by certain major Plehanov and the colonel Samara. On April, 6th, 2009 employees UFSB with oblguvd have carried out in a city Volga the Volgograd region special action in which 150 employees have been involved. Field investigators traced actions new OPG about 5 months, revealing internal communications and cast in grouping. As a result 8 persons have been detained and 36 searches in apartments of members OPG and offices of firms - a something ephemeral, including in the Volga branch of Open Society AKB " are spent; IntrastBank . On region GSU UFSB materials oblguvd has filed criminal charges under the item and ch. 2 items 172 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Illegal bank activity ) .

According to the investigation, members OPG used IntrastBank for opening of accounts 18 of firms - a something ephemeral and illegal cashing in of means. Inspectors name the revealed scheme classical : the companies concluded with firms - a something ephemeral fictitious contracts on rendering of services or purchase of the goods then those cashed the money transferred to it and returned them to the customer operations. It allowed the companies to reduce taxable base as fictitious expenses on purchase of the nonexistent goods or carrying out of false works considerably reduced further the size of the taxes paid in the budget. According to the investigation, through accounts of the fictitious enterprises have passed some billions roubles, a daily turn Volga OPG made from 10 to 50 million roubles, total amount of the cashed means - nearby 1 mlrd roubles. Contracts with firms - a something ephemeral consisted in the office IntrastBanka . Criminal case on materials UFSB has been raised in the beginning GSU at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Volgograd region but when it was found out that mister Plehanov at the moment of commission of crime was the military man, business for investigation have transferred in military - investigatory department.

accusation in the illegal bank activity interfaced to extraction of the income in especially large size (the item " is brought to all members of group; ch. 2 items 172 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). The given crime means punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term from three till seven years with the penalty at the rate to one million roubles. Under the information , judicial session on this business is appointed to October, 18th.

as has informed a source in UFSB on Volgograsdkoj of area, mister Plehanov has been dismissed from department for some months before became the figurant of business, for deskreditatsiju ranks of employee UFSB and infringement of office activity .