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an United Russia the Party " keeps Moscow a secret

; an United Russia today will bring to the president lists of candidates on a post of the mayor of Moscow, and also governors of the Ivanovo area and the Perm edge. Surnames of applicants for a post of the capital town governor to participants of yesterday`s consultations in the Kremlin have forbidden to disclose. As to heads of two other regions, in an United Russia assume that the posts will be kept by operating heads.
the list of candidates on a post of the mayor of Moscow becomes known today after it will be confirmed by presidium gensoveta an United Russia . After session United Russia party members will present to its president Dmitry Medvedev. Yesterday all participants of official consultations in Presidential Administration refused to name surnames of applicants for a post of the mayor. The head of fraction an United Russia in Moscow City Council Andrey Metelsky has told that The party decision not to name candidates to the statement of the list presidium " was accepted;. Surnames is a domestic concern of party - the mister Metelsky has underlined.

With candidates on posts of heads of the Ivanovo area and the Perm edge of clearness it is more. Sources in an United Russia yesterday have told that, most likely, operating heads - Michael Men and Oleg Chirkunov - will keep the posts. Powers of mister Chirkunova expire on October, 10th (it has been appointed on October, 10th, 2005). It is its first term on a post of the head of the Perm edge - the governor it became as a result of association of the Perm area and Komi - Permjatsky autonomous region.

the Perm political scientist Oleg Podvintsev considers that chances of mister Chirkunova of reassignment approximately 60 % on 40 % in favour of the governor. The expert reminds of uneasy relations of the head of Prikamye and local branch an United Russia . Oleg Chirkunov has not entered till now the party in power, and in the first years of the governorship some times at acceptance of political decisions dared to ignore opinion of United Russia party members. In the beginning of 2007 the governor has supported on a post of the senator from regional Legislative Assembly a nominee of the leader of local branch Fair Russia Oganesa Oganjana, having rejected Victor Dobrosotsky recommended by United Russia party members. Later the situation began to change. In 2008 before presidential election, acting at session of political council of party, Oleg Chirkunov has asked the help for Party members in achievement of the maximum appearance on voting that should become pledge of loyalty of the federal centre to region. The interlocutor in party pays attention, as now the governor continues to take steps to rapprochement with an United Russia . For example, since March every month mister Chirkunov spends personal enrolment of citizens in a regional public reception of the chairman an United Russia Vladimir Putin. On the other hand, on by-election in Legislative Assembly which will take place this Sunday, the administration of the governor openly has not supported the candidate from an United Russia Dmitry Samoilov.

Michael Men has headed the Ivanovo area on November, 22nd, 2005, having replaced with Vladimir Tikhonov`s this post. Political scientist Dmitry Badovsky has underlined that at it, as well as at Oleg Chirkunova, preferable chances to remain at the head of the region, as governors who have fulfilled no more than two terms, as a rule, perevnosjatsja if they do not have scandals and a swagger - a major . To Michael Menju of any claims did not express, and the Ivanovo area does not concern regions where the competition on a supervising post " is high; - the expert has noted. It has explained that in cases when the governor is uncontested, in the list of candidates it appears no more than three persons. And technical candidates usually act vitse - the governor or the speaker of regional parliament and any functionary an United Russia . Probably, such scenario will be on the Ivanovo area and the Perm edge - the mister Badovsky considers. As to a resonant history with a fire in club the Lame horse it Oleg Chirkunova`s governor`s positions, according to the expert, especially has not mentioned . Besides, it one of symbolical figures in the governor`s case with image of the innovator, and such figures are now necessary .