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the Organizer of the auctions - Open Company the Ural centre of the organisation of the auctions Ural Mountains - the Prize informs that the auctions on property sale Open Society Industrial complex meat Alapaevsk (the Sverdlovsk area, Alapaevsk, street Northeast, 1) by means of the public offer, have taken place. The winner of the auctions it is recognised by Open Company the Enterprise Vega (an INN 6659084194, OGRN 1026602957666) on Lota 2 - the Building of station of swapping with a water tower, a total area of 14,6 sq. m, height of 17,0 m., Letters 4, 4, the case 14, cost 14 266 (fourteen thousand two hundred sixty six) roubles of 64 copecks, in t. ch. The VAT and on Lota 3 the Protection in the extent of 864,4 m, Letters 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, number of the house 1/ 15, cost 9 389 (nine thousand three hundred eighty nine) roubles of 43 copecks, in t. ch. The VAT.

Quantity and structure of prizes, conditions of tendering on sale of property by means of the public offer, an order of definition of the winner of the auctions and other information on the auctions has been published in the newspaper 143 (4443) from 07. 08. 2010 and in the local edition of Alapaevsk - the Alapaevsk newspaper 31 from 05. 08. 2010