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Fire on the Amur dawns has raised scale check

Following the results of ignition check in an elite multiroom housing estate the Amur dawns - 3 on street Turgeneva, 55 in Khabarovsk it is taken out a number of representations and claims are directed to court, have informed yesterday in Office of Public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory. We will remind, the fire in partially populated high-rise building has occurred on September, 10th: at first between the fifth and sixth floors of the house the heater then the flame became prompt to extend upwards on a covering has lighted up. Firemen had to evacuate 25 tenants and to conduct suppression from three directions. As a result of incident nobody has suffered, the covering of external walls of a building with 3 - go on 17 - j a floor on a total area of 100 sq. metres however has been destroyed.

the check of the house spent by Office of Public Prosecutor on Turgeneva, 55 has revealed legislation infringements at each stage of building and carrying out of allowing procedures It is told in the message of supervising department. In particular, the public prosecutor of a city has brought representations to the mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolovu and head of inspection gosstrojnadzora the regional government to Anatoly Davidov. Goradministratsija, according to Office of Public Prosecutor, has illegally given out the building licence of a box of a building and internal engineering networks, and in the subsequent and the permission to object input in operation without the positive conclusion of state examination of the design documentation, and strojnadzor has not taken into consideration absence of the positive conclusion at object acceptance.

Besides, during check it has been established that at furnish of external facades of the house by the builder, the company DalStrojIndustrija the materials which group of combustibility does not correspond to requirements of building norms and rules " were used;. The Office of Public Prosecutor will try to oblige the builder through court to develop the design documentation on carrying out of external front works, to dismantle a covering not corresponding to norms and to establish the new.

in supervising body also have informed that check of Gospozhnadzora has revealed in the house on Turgeneva, 55 infringement of fire prevention rules, for what concerning TSZH the Amur dawns - 3 and its head representations about elimination of infringements are brought, and also action on p.1 item 20 is brought. 4 KoAP of the Russian Federation ( Infringement of requirements of fire safety ). Incident, add in Office of Public Prosecutor, has already caused complex check of observance town-planning and fire protection regulations. It is preliminary established that external furnish by the materials similar to the house on Turgeneva, 55, 10 many-storeyed houses have (from them seven also are erected DalStrojIndustriej ) 32 objects of mass stay of citizens and 5 establishments of system of public health services and sotszashchity. On any conclusions and measures of reaction concerning the given objects in Office of Public Prosecutor yet do not inform.