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The Eurocommission is not going to have legal proceedings with Poland from - for the gas contract

the Eurocommission has denied on November, 2nd the information on intention to submit the claim to Poland from - for the conclusions Warsaw the new agreement on gas with Russia which ostensibly does not correspond to EU legislation.
newspaper The Warsaw Business Journal has informed on November, 1st that the Eurocommission threatens to begin litigation concerning Warsaw which reason is new Russian - the Polish gas contract. According to the edition, in Bruxelles consider that the authorities of Poland, soglasivsheesja on increase in import of the Russian gas, go against Europe which struggles with gas monopoly Gazprom . Russia and Poland have signed on October, 20th the agreement on increase in deliveries of the Russian gas, but a discount for additional volumes on which the Polish party, " insisted; Gazprom to it has not given. the information (newspapers) does not represent the facts at all - has told RIA News the representative of Eurocommission Marlin Holtsner. As she said, the agreement text in Eurocommission has not arrived yet, but it expect to receive this week then document studying will be started by experts. our problem (Eurocommission - RIA News .) - to provide, that the national legislation corresponded to EU legislation - madam Holtsner has told.