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Public prosecutors have found a leak in OSK

For the first time after creation of Incorporated ship-building corporation (OSK) it has undergone to the rigid criticism of the state. The State Office of Public Prosecutor has revealed numerous infringements in activity OSK and its managements. The head of board of directors OSK is notified on them, vitse - prime minister Igor Sechin, to the head of corporation Romanu Trotsenko representation is taken out. In the corporation assert that many of infringements are already eliminated, and some were not at all. Sources and experts see in activity of the State Office of Public Prosecutor first of all political pressure on OSK within the limits of the tender by request vertoletonostsa for the Minister of Defence.
yesterday the State Office of Public Prosecutor has informed that has checked up activity state OSK and has revealed numerous infringements . On a site of Office of Public Prosecutor the whole list of claims, in which number and infringement of the law on joint-stock company, and transactions " is presented; with personal interest of a management of corporation and Without a sufficient substantiation of expenses and displacement of accent of activity OSK towards earnings for the account the transactions which in any way have been not connected with shipbuilding that becomes contrary to the decree of the president of Russia and also antimonopoly law infringements.

for example, according to the State Office of Public Prosecutor, office equipment OSK bought from the firm which co-owner is mother of president OSK Romana Trotsenko. - services are spent For public relations not provided by the financial plan 12 million rbl. Budgetary 4 mlrd rbl. which have been given OSK for support of leasing in shipbuilding, were used not for the designated purpose that is took place in commercial banks under percent . The centre of development of shipbuilding in the south of Russia as that was demanded by the president of the Russian Federation, is not created till now. Financial plan OSK on 2009 - its board of directors did not affirm 2010, and the quarterly report on budget execution has not been directed mister Trotsenko even, mark in the State Office of Public Prosecutor. At last, OSK has broken the antimonopoly law at carrying out of selection of electronic trading platforms.

the State Office of Public Prosecutor has already directed representations about elimination of infringements to the address as to Romana Trotsenko, and head Rosimushchestva Yury Petrov, and also head FSFR Vladimir Milovidovu. Besides, confirm sources familiar with a situation, in OSK it has in written form presented on October, 22nd the detailed analysis of infringements and vitse - to the prime minister, the head of board of directors of corporation Igor Sechinu. In the device of mister Sechina yesterday comments have refused, phones FSFR and Rosimushchestva did not answer.

OSK for the first time from the moment of the creation is exposed to so rigid criticism. From the beginning of 2010 Roman Trotsenko has had time to meet the country top management publicly three times: twice with prime minister Vladimir Putin and once - with president Dmitry Medvedev, but on one of meetings of the critic to corporation did not sound. Thus in OSK, for example, did not hide that a number of its enterprises copes inefficiently - informally sources in a top - management spoke about a conclusion of means with Kaliningrad Amber which took place on the eve of factory occurrence in corporation (autumn of 2009). However not industrial platforms OSK, and head structure of corporation in Moscow became object of criticism of public prosecutors just.

OSK it is founded by the decree of the president of the Russian Federation from March, 21st, 2007. 100 % of actions belong to the state. Into structure of Incorporated ship-building corporation enters nine design - design offices, 32 ship-building and ship-repair enterprises. The largest actives: PSZ Amber (Kaliningrad), Open Society the Admiralty shipyards (Petersburg), ON Sevmash (Severodvinsk), DVZ the Star (Vladivostok). The largest international projects: shipyard building the Star - DSME within the limits of the joint venture from Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (Republic Korea), shipyard building the East - Rafflz within the limits of the joint venture with Yantai Ruffles (Singapore). A gain in 2009 - 150 mlrd rbl., profit - 92 million rbl.

In OSK have confirmed that in August - September its activity was checked by the State Office of Public Prosecutor, having specified that preliminary the corporation was visited also by auditors of Audit Chamber. The novel of Trotsenko has underlined in conversation with that the majority of claims in which public prosecutors specified, for a long time already are removed, and on the rest to public prosecutors objections which have been accepted by them " are brought;. In a press - service OSK, for example, have denied public relations - the budget at a rate of 12 million rbl. Without naming, however, its real size. The information that the office equipment for hed - office OSK was bought from the firm his mother was which co-owner, Roman Trotsenko also named insolvent .

Informally in a top - management OSK say that did not expect so rigid criticism from the State Office of Public Prosecutor. Check there were absolutely according to plan last two months, public prosecutors, of course, tried to carp at any things, but all this time was possible to challenge quite in a civilised way it . Pressure is for certain connected with conflict OSK to the Minister of Defence, and also the owner deprived of the licence Mezhprombanka Sergey Pugachevym, consider sources . In the market for a long time say that at Igor Sechina and Minister of Defence Anatoly Serdjukova the extremely serious conflict, and unwillingness, for example, to give to shipyards OSK the contract on building vertoletonostsa for needs of the Russian Navies - its direct consequence. The Ministry of Defence always underlined that wants to get French Mistral. The tender for purchase vertoletonostsa has been declared this week at an exhibition evronaval - 2010 in suburb of Paris, but its results are predetermined, confirm sources .

the State Office of Public Prosecutor or the Minister of Defence from OSK, sources " wants to achieve What exactly; do not speak. Anyway, they confirm, the taken out representations to Romana Trotsenko, and also the letter on infringements in corporation addressed to mister Sechina will surprise nobody and if only will spoil mood . Serious risks for OSK or its management as a result of check of the State Office of Public Prosecutor sources do not see. Probably, so the hard line of public prosecutors really could be is dictated by political grounds, the head of the Center of the analysis of strategy and technologies Ruslan Pukhov speaks. On the other hand, he adds, the fact of revealing of infringements in so large structure as OSK, we expect, because in such bulky corporations them simply should be .

Partner Goltsblat BLP of Rustam Kurmaev notices that on the infringements revealed by the State Office of Public Prosecutor, is possible both criminal, and administrative responsibility. In particular, concerning company management criminal case under item 201 UK " can be brought; Abusing powers which can entail in a number sluchaet imprisonment for the term up to ten years. Also shareholders OSK can submit the action for damages, caused unfair and unreasonable actions of management OSK. According to the lawyer, within a month OSK should present to the State Office of Public Prosecutor the documents proving performance of representation and elimination of revealed infringements. The corporation can challenge also results of check, but, according to the lawyer, In practice anybody does not do it .

Rustam Kurmaev notices that as the State Office of Public Prosecutor only has taken out representation to company management, it, more likely, demonstration of how department actively struggles with law infringements . Evgenie Martynov from MKA Lawyer partnership adds that the State Office of Public Prosecutor could send check materials to investigatory committee which has the right to file criminal charges. And time of it has not occurred, means, in infringements it is not revealed by a criminal component. At the same time, the lawyer adds, the revealed infringements can entail measures of personnel character .