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Paris and London will defend together

Great Britain and France have signed yesterday the agreement about is unprecedented close cooperation in military - industrial sphere - the document already named historical. Henceforth London and Paris will train together the military men and to send them abroad, together to use heavy military technology and to share with each other the newest workings out in nuclear sphere. Thereby the countries hope to save on defence. Experts consider that other exit at London and Paris simply is not present.
the Prime minister of Great Britain David Cameron and the president of France Nikola Sarkozy have signed yesterday in London a number of important agreements in defence and safety sphere. we have opened the new chapter in the history of military cooperation - the British prime minister has declared. The president of France named agreements historical.

Documents provide sharing since 2020 of aircraft carriers for placing and refuelling of planes of two countries, and also their joint cover. Paris and London will train together military men and to send them in flashpoints as a part of joint brigades. They have agreed and about joint investments into working out of fighting and prospecting pilotless flying machines, protivokorabelnyh and cruise missiles, sensors of sea mines and satellite communication.

Besides, agreements provide joint operation within 50 years of research laboratories in the French Dijon and the British Aldermaston for check of a technical condition of nuclear arsenals and computer testing of new warheads. it really a revolutionary step - has declared the assistant to the head of the Parisian Fund of strategic researches Iv Bojer, having noticed that earlier Great Britain in nuclear sphere co-operated only with the USA. As he said, present documents are logic continuation of the agreement on creation of the all-European system of the defence, signed in 1998 Jacque Chirac and Tony Blair.

the parties do not hide that an overall objective of agreements - economy of budgetary funds on military expenses. David Cameron has presented recently the new strategy of national safety providing reduction of the defensive budget on 8 % the next five years (see from October, 19th). And France from - for shortages of means has been compelled to refuse ground plans of the second aircraft carrier. there is no sense to two most powerful military powers in Europe to spend more than it is necessary, on military resources duplicating each other - the Minister of Defence of Great Britain Liam Fox has explained on pages Sunday Telegraph. It was supported by the French colleague Erve Morin who has declared that cooperation and distribution of expenses - in national interests of both countries.

However, military rapprochement of Great Britain and France has caused rough discussions in these countries. A number of the British military men and politicians - labourites have expressed fear that the agreement will undermine the country sovereignty. In the same spirit some oppositional French politicians have expressed. The most hot discussions are conducted on the Internet. On site Telegraph readers have branded the agreement as shameful for kingdom having expressed doubt that the British military men will agree to accept orders from these splash pools . And readers French La Tribune believe that rapprochement with a puppet of Washington will allow the USA to interfere with military affairs of France.

military experts with critics do not agree. Those who says that supposedly we and have consulted, simply deceive itself, - has declared a known British military analyst of Chalz Hejman. - Neither France, nor Great Britain more not in a condition to cover costs on hi-tech military technology. Money for it is not present and is not expected. To develop and maintain it together for Frenchmen and British - unique possibility to provide defence of the countries in the future . The agreement will allow London and Paris to save billions euro on military expenses, the expert is assured.

both countries underline that about merge of armies of speech does not go. Besides, Paris and London intend to keep communications with the traditional allies, reserve the right to itself for independent military operations and keep independence of nuclear forces. However Iv Bojer does not exclude that if their military cooperation is effective, other European countries will want to join agreements.