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The state singing holiday

the next concert in the Kremlin has given on November, 7th Stas Mihajlov, the main star of a new variety genre - a chanson which is not maintaining criminal subjects. To the correspondent the Authorities the success of Stasa Mihajlova seems to Oleg Kashin not musical, but social.
this article has been written by Oleg Kashin three days prior to beating.

Stas Mihajlov is a ray of light in a dark kingdom. Its songs break off soul on a part and treat it for everything when to me it is bad and when it is good - I include Stasa Mihajlova. That only there is its one album DEDICATION. It is not a pity any money for its concerts therefore - that it charges energy for the whole year, before following arrival! It is very insulting that in the Big difference on 1 - an ohm the channel all its admirers in indignation " have shown such offensive parody to Stasa; is one of five hundreds comments to the announcement of a concert of Stasa Mihajlova on a site the First channel . Offensive parody about which there is a speech, - at all a parody, and simply small joke. In a shot - the empty boardroom of the State Duma, and a voice of the commentator explains: In the Kremlin a concert of Stasa Mihajlova, all deputies have left on a concert . Stas! Was at a concert in Omsk. While the soul listened to you flew away to heavens! You - my favourite singer! Health to you, Stas, and the national love at you is. You have deserved it! Low bow to your MUM and health and longevity to it! We love YOU! hello, dear management of the First channel!!! Really it is truth, what you execute numerous requests of admirers of the remarkable poet, the composer and the singer of STASA MIHAJLOVA, and repeat on November, 7th its concert in the Kremlin Between heaven and earth which you have shown on August, 29th, 2010?!!! About, it will be SUPER!!!!! It will be HAPPINESS!!! The HAPPINESS SEA!!!! THANKS HUGE, the FIRST!!! The FIRST - REALLY the FIRST!!! The BEST CHANNEL! !! You are good fellows, you have understood, what should be the PRESENT ACTOR in the name of my favourite (and not only mine, and millions women, I do not doubt it!) STASA MIHAJLOVA! - and hundreds, hundreds such and only such responses.

tickets for the Kremlin concert have been sold on November, 7th in the middle of summer. Then it has been declared an additional concert on November, 22nd - but also on it tickets have ended at once. Journalists on the concerts of Stas Mihajlov (the producer at it is not present, there is only a director employed by it) will not accredit essentially, therefore to get on its performance at the correspondent the Authorities chances was not - for money, as - nibud still.

Besides, Stas Mihajlov does not give interview. About it in general it is known a little, the basic source of data - the official biography on a site (in the same place, by the way, it is told that Stasa do not have pages in social networks and if someone writes to you on behalf of the actor, do not trust, they are impostors ) . From the biography follows that to it 41 year, was born in Sochi in a family of the pilot ( nothing said that in the future it becomes not ordinary and talented poet, the composer and the singer - hereinafter the spelling and a punctuation are kept) and itself arrived to study as the pilot ( probably, would be the big error remain Stas in aircraft and we never would learn about it, as about the composer and the singer ) But has thrown school, has gone to serve in army, and after has ended in Tambov branch of the Moscow institute of culture. Has moved to Moscow and till 1997 worked at Variety theatre, in parallel participated in competitions of a variety song. It is written here that further: Sometimes in destiny there are events which essentially change all plans and outlooks on life... In 2002 there was a second album Dedication which has been written and published for a narrow circle. As a new album have warmly accepted, it has been solved... dedication should be informed to more wide range of listeners. Probably, many fans of Stasa will ask a question what it did in 1997 to 2002? At this time new songs were written, there was a moving to Moscow . As by the paragraph it is above told that Stas has moved to Moscow in 1992, lines about strange five years of life of the singer look even more mysteriously, but it in general very mysterious singer.

in the spring of 2007 in rotation Radio Russian there was a song of Stasa Mihajlova dream Coast : Continents not a hindrance to us, I will combine the whole world to your feet, we of the love will erect a wonderful temple, a temple, a temple . Regular concerts in the Kremlin - on three and till five evenings have the same year begun on end at the full notice. This summer in Vitebsk Stas has collected full stadium at three o`clock in the morning - after festival closing the Slavic market . In my destiny there is only you, one love and my pain. We have met you, native my woman - monstrous texts in kabatskoj to arrangement have appeared suddenly the most popular product in the musical market. There was even a joke: with songs of Stasa Mihajlova mix heroin. Probably, really mix.

from a traditional Russian pop-music or, say, from the Soviet platform that Mihajlov sings, differs strongly. I do not know how to describe it in musical terms, but here if plays where - nibud a background Russian radio on Stase you shudder: it sounds absolutely on - to another. And if a background plays radio the Chanson that, on the contrary, you can and not notice that where - that between Michael Krug and Michael Shufutinsky sings Stas. That is on sounding it that Russian chanson which so is loved by truckers and security guards of round-the-clock shops. But the traditional Russian chanson in present understanding of this term is first of all prison, or it is literally ( My number two hundred forty five, and I in prison sit again ) Or oposredovanno (something about mum who waits, or about birches on which the lyrical hero), or in the form of the future payment for crimes committed by the lyrical hero misses. And at Stasa of prison is not present either in the text, or in implied sense. Only stars - clouds - heavens, only lips - hands - heart, only I - you and a dramatic nature maximum - something like I, as though in a whirlpool, have run into you, without seeing a bottom or we could not save each other, and from a vicious circle to us not to escape .

the Chanson without prison has thought up, of course, not Stas Mihajlov. In a format radio Russian and the Chanson equally confidently keep within (and long before Stasa kept within) both Grigory Leps, and Sergey Trofimov, and both are quite popular till now, but not so that it was possible to speak about the big national popularity: nedopopsa and nedoshanson, such nishevoj a product. For Stasa Mihajlova it is necessary to think out new terms, its songs is a postchanson. Kabatsky machismo without a hint on a criminal context. System of values the same that at the hero of a song about Vladimir tsentral, walking on waves of the memory with that girl that loved so a long time only most tsentrala is not present basically. And what then is?

I want to put forward such, maybe, a strange hypothesis. If to take the criminal environment and any magic image to amputate its criminal component, that is to think up such spherical gangsters in the vacuum, not sitting and not imprisoned and not bragging of made crimes. What remains from the gangster without a crime? System of values, notorious concepts patsanskaja ethics, sentimentality and declaring of absolutely man`s approach to all on light. Basically exactly the same words it is possible to describe any typical modern Russian official or the agent of national security. The chanson without prison is its music.

I do not want to tell that the people filling the Kremlin or provincial stadiums at concerts of Stasa Mihajlova, is entirely officials and agents of national security. Michael Krug was listened too at all by gangsters - more likely boys who dreamt to be them, and the girls envying gangster girlfriends. With songs of officials, with a postchanson - all the same. The success of Stasa Mihajlova has the same nature, as high competition in militian institutes or on state administration faculties: a success and well-being embodiment in modern Russia for broad masses is the state person, and not tribunnyj the talker, and soft appearance the official on Maybach and with Vertu; if the deputy of the State Duma - that with is white - sine - a red badge from brilliants, sapphires and rubies. Interview does not give, the biography - the birthplace is precisely known only, the rest is the foggiest. Imagine that such person has started singing, and you will hear a voice of Stasa Mihajlova.