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The nephew of the former president of Kirghizia is sentenced to 10 years of prison

by Dzhalal - the Abadsky city court has passed the decision on business of the nephew of the former president of Kirghizia of Kurmanbeka Bakieva Sanzhara Bakieva. It has been recognised by guilty of the organisation of mass riots in region in May, 2010. As punishment it has received 10 years of prison in a high security colony.
on November, 2nd judge Dzhalal - Abadsky city court has pronounced a sentence of Sanzharu Bakievu. For the organisation of mass riots in region in May, 2010 it has appointed to the nephew eks - the president of 10 years of imprisonment in a high security colony. Court session passed in capital of Kirghizia in Military court of the Bishkek garrison from reasons of safety in view of a wide public resonance.

we will remind, on detention of Sanzhara Bakieva of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kirghizia has informed on June, 25th. An occasion to acceptance of such measures of a steel of the assumption of the authorities about its participation in disorders in the south of the country. However fulfilling duties of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Kirghizia Bolot Sher assured: the consequence and special services have convincing and incontestable proofs of not simply participation of Sanzhara Bakieva to tragedies of May and June, and about its key role in their organisation .

it is necessary to notice that the authorities of Kirghizia considered many relatives eks - the president involved in the organisation of disorders in the country and to murder of civilians. In particular, in search son Kurmanbeka Bakieva Maxim has been declared. In the middle of June it was informed that he has asked for Great Britain of a political asylum. On June, 17th the provisional government of Kirghizia has threatened to close the American air base Manas near Bishkek if Great Britain refuses to give out it. Besides, in search there is also Kurmanbek Bakiev. We will remind, he after revolution has left at once the country and has found a refuge in Belarus. Minsk refused to Bishkek delivery of Bakieva twice.