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Solikamsk magnesian factory in 3 quarter has increased dead loss in 4,5 times

Open Society Solikamsk magnesian factory (SMZ, the Perm edge) in the third quarter 2010 has received 97,5 million roubles of the dead loss calculated on RSBU, it is told in the company message.

as it was informed, in the third quarter of last year dead loss SMZ has made 21,6 million roubles. Thus, in July - September of this year he has grown in 4,5 times.

in first half of the year 2010 SMZ has received 264,2 million roubles of dead loss. Thus, following the results of nine months this indicator has made 361,7 million roubles against 18,8 million roubles of net profit for the similar period of last year.

in the third quarter on 26,1 % relative the second (131,9 million roubles) the company explains dead loss reduction by decrease in a loss from sales and reduction of a miscellaneous cost.

Solikamsk magnesian factory Delivers for export almost 100 % of made rare-earth production and connections of tantalum and about 60 % of volume of output niobija, magnesium and alloys.