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the Author of this achievement is president Medvedev

Yesterday VR in the report has informed that the multinational corporation - VR has translated it $1 mlrd for actives in Venezuela and Vietnam. All transaction is estimated in $1,8 mlrd, the remained means will arrive after its closing in first half of 2011. In Venezuela of the multinational corporation - VR buys shares in oil actives, in Vietnam - in infrastructural projects and the gas block. The transaction was discussed during visit to Vietnam president Dmitry Medvedev, on Sunday of Ministry for the Power Generating Industry of the Russian Federation and the ministry of the industry and trade of Vietnam have signed about it the memorandum of mutual understanding. But the destiny of the transaction in many respects depends on a third party position - Indian ONGC. In what stage there are negotiations and what situation round acquisition of Algerian actives VR, the executive chairman of board of directors of the multinational corporation - VR Michael FRIEDMAN has told.
- you felt state support at acquisition of actives VR?

- Across Venezuela and across Vietnam we have got full and unconditional support from heads of the country. And not only profile - I speak about vitse - prime minister Igor Sechine and Minister of Energy Sergey Shmatko whom it is constant these questions are engaged, but also heads of the first rank - president Dmitry Medvedev and prime minister Vladimir Putin.

- however documents in Vietnam were signed not by the first persons, and Sergey Shmatko said that there were difficulties. With Venezuela signing has been arranged much more solemnly.

- With Venezuela too there was a signing at level of the ministries, but there was more time for agreement preparation. In Vietnam the memorandum project between Ministry for the Power Generating Industry of the Russian Federation and the ministry of the industry and trade of Vietnam has been received for three days prior to Dmitry Medvedev`s visit. In the bureaucratic relation of such time it is not enough, after all in Vietnam all questions dare at Political bureau level where decisions are accepted not by one person, and joint body. When our representatives have arrived, there was a high degree of confidence that hardly the memorandum will be signed. We did not count that it is possible to receive the report signed by two ministries for such short term.

the author of this achievement, certainly, president Medvedev is. During the latest moment, already after all hospitality events, during not planned time he has achieved that the profile Vietnamese minister has signed the document. With the Venezuelan actives Hugo Chavez`s consent basically has opened road that all documents have been signed quickly enough in the presence of both presidents.

- nevertheless the destiny of the transaction still definitively is not clear? After all at Indian ONGC and Petrovietnam there is a right of priority of the repayment of Vietnamese actives BP.

- In Petrovietnam us have assured that do not intend to exercise the right of the primary repayment of actives VR. With ONGC we at serious level yet did not conduct negotiations, but to representatives of the company contacted. We have finished to them the position that would like to participate in this project. At ONGC the plans and the interests, including in Russia. It is assured, our partners are interested in that relations with the Russian companies were constructive and mutually advantageous.

- you are ready in exchange for refusal of the right of priority to offer ONGC participation in any of the projects in Russia?

- the multinational corporation - VR and ONGC always have a wide spectrum of potential projects for interaction and other possibilities of cooperation.

- when ONGC should answer?

- Within two months from the moment of signing of our agreement with VR (it is signed on October, 18th. - ).

- What situation in negotiations on purchase of Algerian actives VR?

- In Algeria in the project participate national Sonatrach and Norwegian Statoil. Basically in all countries at the first stage the local partner should agree to the multinational corporation admission - VR to the information on the project because this information is confidential. The project across Algeria while is in a position stand by, we yet have not received the rights to acquaintance with the information.

is a question technical or Algeria has not accepted till now the final decision?

- While they, probably, were not defined up to the end. This question also rose during recent visit of president Medvedev to Algeria (on October, 6th. - ) . Term - has been named some months. In Venezuela and in Vietnam the situation develops more dynamically. With VR to us it is a lot of time for coordination it is not required - the former employees VR who possess clear enough understanding of details of these projects work for us many. And when at horizontal level good relations, it is easy to carry on negotiations.

- any else international actives be going to buy in the near future?

- For today these transactions - the first stage of realisation of strategy of the international expansion of the multinational corporation - BP. We will not hasten. The main task - to build today an effective control system of projects outside of our traditional markets.