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it is simply amazing that the person makes an unethical act and thus does not doubt at all the correctness

Nadezhda Leonteva, Moscow
the Black roller Council of Federation N10 (302), October 2010

In Moscow, I heard, this year should pass experiment on application of electronic books in one of schools. However a theme have covered, like as under the complaint of the publishing houses giving to preference to a traditional paper format. With it is that all clearly, but the similar program where - that in States the same destiny expected, as students badly perceived a material. Giki - gikami, and such things, let and with limited funktsionalom, in general it is necessary to distribute free of charge .

petrovichlive, the comment on a magazine site
In our sphere Napoleonic blitzkriegs are impossible Council of Federation N10 (302), October 2010

Surprise the sums about which there is a speech in article! As it is possible to pay $100 million for the Internet - the project which generates profit ? On site Darberry it is declared that in day across Moscow is on sale more than 2 thousand coupons. We take on a maximum is only $5 - 6 thousand day, or $2,2 million in a year. Besides a turn, instead of profit. Also it is poorly believed that Groupon with a $150 million turn will pay $100 million for the company in Russia. Competitors do not doze, and service providers wander from service in service. So control sale to the foreign competitor - a competent step, but it is necessary more Darberry, instead of Groupon. Sale pleases - service on the Internet will grow to the world. But whence this bent for of exaggerated capitalisation the Internet - projects?

Evgenie Kuprin, Moscow
With the world on a discount Council of Federation N9 (301), September 2010

Pricing in Russia - a separate song. Certainly, the person from street comes into shop, sees the price list that became in one and a half time above for the past days, and is accepted kosterit grabbers - ritejlerov how much in vain. Well, the population at us such - economically illiterate. Partly, misters ritejlery, are guilty that the image do not watch. But there is to you pair of questions, dear sir Potapenko. We will admit, tariffs have raised - and you result figures. But these tariffs occupy what share in the goods cost price? And the most important thing - nod on suppliers. It, of course, a correct course. And whether you will lower the prices after the supplier? Strongly I doubt. What for, if and so we take?

Peter Validub, Vyksa
Dmitry Potapenko`s Mood Council of Federation N10 (302), October 2010

strange enough startup (Evernote. - Council of Federation ). Who their clients? Who these people who need to remember information mbytes? On mine vzljad, stable profitableness it not to see. As soon as the free stream of venture investments will end, service will die away. And still: as it is known, if any body not to use or strongly to reduce on it loading it starts to atrophy. It concerns a brain first of all .

decormag , the comment on a magazine site
Memory has returned Council of Federation N10 (302), October 2010

In Council of Federation N10 (302) the formula on which calculations of a rating of the fast-growing companies were made has been incorrectly displayed. The correct formula looks as follows: